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 A Real Bed
I remember a time when we were volunteers at the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, Texas. There were three of us couples who were  parked way behind Lady Bird's house in the section designated for volunteeers. All of us were full-timers. Mary Lou and her husband (I forgot his name) who were from Arkansas had a travel trailer; Liz and Don Ryding from Montana had a fifth wheel; and we had our Bounder motorhome. 

Mary Lou got sick and missed a few days of work. She was really quite miserable from a bad cold or allergies. Our supervisor came and offered Mary Lou the opportunity to spend several nights at her house so she could "sleep in a real bed." Even though Mary Lou was sick, we all laughed when she shared the offer with all of us. We realized that many people think that an RV bed is not a "real" bed. It certainly is not a sleeping bag on the floor of a tent.

There have been times when we parked at a friend or relative's house and again we were given the option to come in and "sleep in a real bed" rather than stay in our motorhome parked in the driveway. They just don't understand. We have a real bed and it is very comfortable.

This all came to mind as I nursed myself through pneumonia and now am recovering from surgery. I love my real bed. It is the most comfortable bed we have ever owned. Besides being comfortable it is close to the windows so I can feel the gentle breeze as I drift off to sleep and early in the mornings I am greeted by the cheerful singing of the birds. When we stayed at a hotel recently (for the houseboat reunion) I missed our bed. 

And we have a real house. It is not a play house; it is real. It is small but comfortable. I love my kitchen, I love the bathroom, the living room and everything. When we park next to the kids again this summer, we are so happy to have our real house and bed with us. We can visit, but we can always go home and have all the comforts of home just outside of their door. 

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