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 Holidays and Full-timing
As the Christmas holiday season approaches we remember all of our past Christmases. For most of us family was the center of all our energy and activities. From Thanksgiving day through the school, and church programs, parties and dinners  to the last of the torn wrappings and pies on Christmas day, the pace is fast and furious. As I remember there seemed to be so much to do and so little time. I have fond memories of family gathered together but I also remember being dead tired by Christmas day. 

So what do full-timers do over the holidays? Well some might fly back to be with family while others stay in the sunbelt and celebrate with a new family -- namely other RVers. We have flown back to Michigan to be with Ron's family, and also spent Christmas with children who live in Florida and California (it's nice that they live in the sun belt) and we have been alone with only our RVing friends as our family. All have been enjoyable and very meaningful. 

There's something magical about coming together with new friends and sharing experiences, stories and fellowship; it is different from being with family because nothing is expected of you except a hand shake or hug. The tensions are gone, the stress is non existent and love grows in that atmosphere. 

We remember the many churches where we have celebrated Christmas. From West Palm Beach, Florida, to Mission, Texas, to South Padre Island, Texas, to Mesa, Arizona, and Saugus, California, all churches were open, loving and meaningful. We especially remember the extra friendly Lutheran church in Seguin, Texas, where after our accident last year, they welcomed us just like family. 

Unless you want to be, you won't be alone. At hoilday time in any park several gather for a meal together. We remember a Thanksgiving dinner at a  park in Twenty-nine Palms, California. The park furnished the turkeys and everyone brought the trimmings for a nice park-wide pot luck. I can still see the loving couple who sat at the table with us who had been married for over 60 years. 

I used to bake cookies and make candy and certainly I could still do that, but it doesn't seem to matter that I choose to buy instead of pressuring myself to get everything made. Life is simpler now that we celebrate with our new family and we haven't lost a single memory of our family times. Our children have their own families now and they are building their own traditions. It sure makes it easier when they don't have to divide their time between in-laws. 

Being on the road and free from the major stresses of the holidays gives us more time to concentrate on the real reason for the season. It is not Santa Claus it is Jesus' birth that we celebrate. 

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