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It Ain't Necessarily So
We are questioned often about camping in public parks namely state and national campgrounds; readers are surprised to learn that we use them when our motorhome is 40 feet long. We can certainly understand the confusion for new RVers who rely entirely on the site length and width information which is printed in the campground directories. 

Four years ago as we were traveling from Florida to California in our new 40 foot American Dream, we decided to spend a few days at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. We had spent two months there as volunteers early in our full-timing life and had fond memories of the Gulpha Gorge campground which is just outside of Hot Springs. When I checked the Trailer Life Campground directory to double check the instructions on getting there, I was surprised to read the following information. 

"...Good paved interior rds. Sites 43 paved, mostly shaded, back ins (18 x 25)." 

Because we had been in the campground before we thought we would fit, but we were still a little aprehensive about bringing in our 40 foot motorhome. Imagine our surprise when we found several sites we could easily fit in with room to spare. If you look at the picture below  you will see that we had plenty of room for both the motorhome and our Toyota truck.  I called Trailer Life and asked them to correct the information in the directory, but it still reads the same. Because of that inacurate information most of you would avoid camping in this serene campground at the bargain rate of only $5 per night with the Golden Age pass discount. 

At Gulpha Gorge campground (Hot Springs National Park--Arkansas)

Twice this summer we camped in state parks which listed the site length as smaller than our motorhome. The directory lists the sites at Holly State Park as being 15 x 35 feet. Not only are the sites much longer than 35 feet, they are also much wider. The actual ashphalt pad may be ony 15 feet wide but the sites are huge. We were in there and just a few sites down was a 42 foot Prevost coach. Both of us had our toads parked in front of our motorhomes too. 

Holly State Park, Michigan
If you are interested in visiting state or national parks and are worried that you won't fit in, give them a call and ask if they do in fact have longer sites than listed in Trailer Life. Then go and enjoy all that the public parks have to offer. 

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