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One of our readers sent us an email with their itinerary from March to May and I got tired just reading it. It was detailed with moves every day (most of the time) and listed exactly where they would be staying at the end of each travel day. What if one of them get a bad cold and they don't feel like moving one day? Think of all the phone calls to cancel and rearrange campsites. My oh my. 

When we make plans to start out in some direction it is about as vague as a veiled woman. You know a woman is standing there, but have no idea what she looks like. We know where we are going, but we are not sure of the route or where we will stay when we stop for the night.  If, as we are traveling, we decide to take a road that looks good, we do just that. There are campgrounds all over the place and only once in 12 years did we arrive ready to stop and find there was no room at the inn. What did we do? It was early in the day as it almost always is when we stop, so we just turned the key and kept on going. There's always somewhere to stay down the road. The key is to travel only about 200 miles therefore stopping early in the day. 

To us itineraries are like a noose. They force you to follow a certain path and there is little room for deviation. Many times in our travels, folks have told us about an exciting sight to see and we were free to change our plans. Likewise we have gotten sick, tired or just liked our particular stop so much that we decided not to move for a day or two or three. We think that full-timing is synonymous with freedom. What freedom is there in an itinerary? The journey should be part of the trip. 

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