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Just living here and there
Something has happened to us. Perhaps it is because we have been on the road over 11 years or perhaps it is because we have been traveling constantly for over one year. (We didn't sit still last winter.) We pass up all sorts of tourist attractions and are content to just live here and there.

When we went to Victoria, we thought we would be excited at seeing all of the sights there; we went to the gardens and sighed. They were very nice, but we have seen many others which were every bit as beautiful. The gardens in Banff, the rose garden in Portland and Cypress Gardens for example can't be beat.

We spent a few hours in the much acclaimed museum in Victoria. We learned a lot about the history of the area and it was nicely presented, but the Denver Museum, Henry Ford Museum and others are just as nice or better. 

It was fun to be on vacation, but we tired of being a tourist quickly. When we went to Port Townsend, we simply lived there for a week. We went shopping, walked the town a little, got my glasses adjusted, Ron got a blood test and a hair cut. We thoroughly enjoyed living there and delighted in being part of the community, but we did not play tourist like we did the last time we were there. We did not drive up to the famed Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains. We had done that before and it was nice but....

This is the main reason that we quit doing our newsletter. I didn't want to have to tour in order to report on the highlights of each area. After all it would be kind of boring to read that Ron got a hair cut and I got my glasses fixed. 

So we are here only a few miles from Mt St Helens and Mt Ranier and we will probably not visit either of them (been there---done that) and that is hard for many to understand. We may take a little drive and we sincerly delight in the magnificant scenery. We also delight in walking out of the campground and up to the highway to get a newspaper while breathing deeply of the fresh mountain air. We are playing the golf course here and frankly it is fun to just play. Being a tourist is not play to us anymore. We can't get a TV signal here and that is just fine. We are enjoying our CDs and reading and just living. 

When you find out that we are going to be in your area and you send us a list of things we "should do" while there, please don't feel bad if we ignor them. We would rather meet the people who work in the grocery store, read the local paper and walk the streets looking in store windows. If there is an old hardware store with wooden floors that squeek we will be really excited. If there is a golf course or movie theater near by we will take that in and we will attend a Lutheran Chruch if we are in the area on Sunday. Don't feel that we will be missing anything; we will love our days there. 

Please don't think that we are giving up on full-timing. We still love it and can't imagine living on a fixed foundation. We will continue to live here and there for a long time. 

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