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I don't know what this section will be like or what kinds of things I will write about. But one thing is for sure; I never lack for words. Please remember that whatever I write about is my opinion and sometimes my ideas are a little wild.
12/5/05 Home Swapping and why it didn't work for us.
8/18/04   Exploring
7/1/04  It Just Feels Good
2/1/04  Security
1/1/04  Transitions
12/1/03  It's the Nature of the Beast
11/1/03 What is a Full-timer?
10/1/03  Expectations
8/23/03   It is a Matter of Perspective
7/1/03   Don't Ignore the National Parks for Great Camping
and don't be afraid to dry camp.
6/1/03  Take the Grandchildren Along
 5/1/03  My Closet is Bare
4/1/03  When the Going Gets Tough, Move On
3/1/03  Give me the Real Stuff
2/1/03  Never Say Never or Forever
1/1/03   Small Appliances and full-timers.
12/1/02   Full Circle
11/1//02 An Encounter With the Tiny Things
10/1//02 It's So Easy
9/3/02 You've Got to be Kidding
8/3/02   The Thrill is Gone
7/1/02 Thank God Someone Cared
6/1/02   Who Needs it
5/1/02  Two by Two
4/1/02   How Long Should One Do It?
3/1/02  Nest Itch
2/1/02  RVers are Simply People
1/01/02  It is a Female Thing
12/3/01  Reconnoiter
10/30/01  No Reservations
10/1/01  Things Work Differently in RVs
9/2/01  Nothing Stays the Same
8/5/01  The Uglyness in Beauty
7/1/01  Keeping the Commitment
6/1/01  Pioneers
5/1/01  A Real Bed
4/7/01  Determination
3/7/01  Itineraries
1/30/01  Cleaning
12/29/00   Sitting still
11/26/00   Holidays and Full-timing
 11/2/00   RV U --- the Life on Wheels schools
10/7/00  Hooray for Hollywood
9/7/00  It Ain't Necessarily So
8/1/00  Unwanted Visitors and the Trouble they Caused
6/25/00   Just Living Here and There
5/20/00   It ain't fair---It just ain't fair
5/5/00  There's no comparison