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I noticed a dust web hanging from a celing vent the other day. The floor is clean, my mirrors are clean and shinny and there is no dust on the TV, but the air conditioning vents look dirty and the carpeting needs cleaning and my wood cabinets need a good going over. Ugh. Where is help when you need it? 

Since we are sitting still, this is probably a good time to call a carpet cleaning firm. In fact, my friend Nancy had her carpets cleaned recently and has recommended a firm that I can use. But it is too cold and dreary for carpet cleaning now. Don't you think I have to wait until we can be outside while it dries? Yes, I have to wait on that. 

Venetian blinds are a pain although I like what they do to control light coming into our home. They need cleaning and those mini blinds are so hard to clean. They are installed  so it would be nearly impossible to take them out. I 'd like to give them a good bath, but they will have to be cleaned in place. One strip at a time. Maybe I will hire Molly Maid. 

The drapes and valences need cleaning too. I have no idea where to begin there. There is fabric around every window. It is not removable. How in heavens name am I supposed to clean it? Maybe the Molly Maid lady would know how. 

I once (long ago in my youth) purchased a new car because the radio in my old car had died. Do you suppose that Ron would agree to buy a new motorhome so I don't have to clean this one? Not on your life. 

I can't have the Molly Maid lady come while it is still so cold here; I'll have to wait until the weather warms up. You do agree that you can't clean if you can't open the windows and air out the house thoroughly. Then when it gets warm, I will probably be too busy. After all I would have to clean before she comes so she won't see all that dirt that I have allowed to accumulate. Maybe I will just use one of those Pledge Grab It dust rags and do a hit and miss. When you come to visit don't look too closely at all of my corners, okay? 

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