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 My Closet is Bare
Before we went on the road in March of 1989 we lived in a roomy three bedroom town house full of nice things. Our closets were crammed full of all kinds of clothing from formal to casual and some that didn't even fit any longer. As long as there was room in the closet the trend was to just let them hang. Sometimes they even spilled over into one of the other bedroom closets. We had a lot of clothing since we were working. Not only could we afford it, but we needed to have nice clothes for work. Ron had a dozen suits and three times as many shirts along with 100 ties (or so it seemed). I was just as bad with lots of beautiful dresses for any season with shoes and purses to match.

You must know the story by now; we were going to live in a 24 foot Type C motorhome with one closet that was about 20 inches wide and another that was a little wider (about 30 inches). The narrow one was long enough to hang skirts but not long enough to hold a dress unless it was folded on a hanger. All in all we could squeeze (and I do mean squeeze) two dozen articles of clothing in the narrow closet. The wider closet was short so that even jackets or shirts touched the floor of the closet. Because we hung our winter type jackets in that closet there wasn't a lot of room for much more. Since we had only planned to live on the road for a year or two, we put most of our clothing in storage along with all of our necessary things (bedding, kitchen stuff, TVs, and lots of other stuff). We only kept out what would fit into our little closets and what we felt was absolutely necessary. Besides jeans and shorts Ron took one suit with three different shirts and I took one dress plus a three piece suit (pants, skirt, jacket) with three or four silk shells to wear with it. That was it. And it didn't matter that we didn't have a lot of different things to wear. We were seldom in the same place long enough anyway. If we stayed three weeks and went to church three different Sundays no one seemed to notice that we were changing our look by simply changing part of our outfit. It wouldn't have mattered if they did notice because we didn't think God cared. For three and one half years we traveled like that without adding to our dressy things. That worked until we moved into our Bounder which had a much bigger closet. At about the same time that we purchased the Bounder, we realized that we were going to stay out on the road much longer so we decided to sell all the stuff that was in storage. 

For some reason it didn't bother us to sell all of our beautiful clothing at that garage sale. We were just glad to be done with it and anxious to get back out on the road and get back to the business of traveling and playing. We did bring a few articles of clothing into the Bounder. Ron added a sport coat, a few more shirts and ties, and I added a few things too. We always felt that we had more clothes than we ever needed even though we only had about one tenth of what we used to own.

Then the Dream came along and with it came an even bigger closet. We went shopping a few times and let the new clothes mingle with the old in the closet instead of following the old rule (if something new comes in, something old has to go out); we had room. We moved along completely satisfied with everything that we had in our closet. We didn't want for anything and life was simple.

Now I am sure you know that we have purchased a beautiful home in Arizona. In the master bedroom there is a huge walk in closet and it is nearly empty even though we moved all of the clothing that was in the Dream into the house. But now I feel frustrated. I need to fill up the closet. I need more clothing. Why?  We pretty much do the same things we used to do when we stayed at an RV resort here in Arizona. We go to church, attend dinners, plays, play cards and go out to dinner with friends. When we lived in the motorhome I was comfortable wearing something from my collection but now I feel I need a bigger collection---more choices---nicer clothing. Does it matter more because we are not with other RVers here in our community? I think that is it. RVers are a casual bunch and everyone understood that jeans were appropriate for nearly any occasion. Somehow it doesn't seem to feel right to wear jeans when I go to play bridge here. The ladies wear nice slacks with tops and shoes to match. Even the guys wear nice outfits that look like they were purchased at the finest department stores. I am feeling that I really must do something about this but not now. I am looking forward to putting our small collection of clothing back into the motorhome so we can go back to living simply at least for the next five months while we are back in the RVing mode. 

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