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 It's a Female Thing
 I have never liked "doing" my hair. Combing is as much as I want to do. I don't have the patience or talent to stand before a mirror with comb, curling iron and dryer trying to force my hair to do something spectacular. I don't even own a dryer or curling iron. 

In the 60's I used to go to the beauty shop every Friday and the hair dresser would do magic. My hair was washed, set, ratted and pinned into an updo but  to keep it nice for the whole week no one could  touch my hair. I slept with a satin net over my perfectly coifed hair. In order to look decent every morning I had to carefully pick up the flattened parts of my hair and spray it with more spray. It was a bit like living in a straight jacket. I couldn't have any fun without worrying about my hair. 

In the 70's I joined a health club and needed a hair style that wouldn't melt during exercise and the sauna. My hairdresser gave me a "shag" cut but I still needed to get my hair done once a week. I had better things to do with my time so in 1977 I got an Afro. It was the most liberating thing I had done. It is "wash and wear hair."

I like curly hair. I have been getting my hair permed every four or five months ever since my first Afro in 1977. Once I have a perm my only job is to wash my mop every other day or so and I let it dry naturally. Yes, I look like a wet head for a few hours after washing, but then when I fluff it up with a pick after it has dried, I feel beautiful (well as beautiful as I get). 

Before we went on the road, I never worried about my perms. My hairdresser knew exactly what I wanted and there was never a question of how it would turn out. I worried a bit about dealing with perms on the road but Carol gave me a card with the directions and the name of the perm and wished me well.

In the nearly 13 years that we have been traveling, I have had pretty good luck. Two very bad experiences stand out. The first was just before we were going to be on Good Morning America. We were in South Dakota and the gal that did my perm cut it way too short and I felt as though I had been scalped and burned. By the time Good Morning America filmed us, the perm had grown out enough that it didn't look that bad, but I sure sweated that one. The other bad experience was just two weeks ago.

When we were in the West Palm Beach area we drove and drove looking for a beauty shop that used Redkin perms (my hair is hard to curl and that one does a good job). I gave up trying to find one after Ron suggested that perhaps another perm would work. So I made an appointment at a shop that seemed pretty good. I showed pictures of what I wanted to look like and the hairdresser talked me into just having my roots permed. I had done that once before and it didn't work, but he convinced me that he was an expert at that. I gave in. He did a good job of putting the rods in using tiny partings and I relaxed a bit during the setting process. But the end result is my hair is not nearly as curly as I like it. It falls flat quickly and now it is too soon to get another one. So when you see me don't laugh. Learn a lesson. Stick to your guns no matter what. Insist on your way or no way. 

It will eventually grow out and I can try to find someone again in whatever town we are in. For me; this the one negative of being on the road. 

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