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 Full Circle
If you have looked at our map on the What's New page you must have noticed that we outlined the United States in our travels this year. It wasn't planned, but that is what happened. And we did it in exactly one year --- to the day. It is the first time in all of our years of full-timing that we covered the states in that manner.

Originally we had planned to stay west after having our vacation with grandchildren, Jonn and Robyn. We were in Spokane, Washington, on August 1 looking at maps and trying to plan how we would like to visit eastern Oregon, an area we hadn't explored before. But the news on the television was of horrendous forest fires in Oregon; we just didn't want to deal with that and then we bought some sweet corn at the grocery store. The corn was so disappointing that we thought of the mid western corn we had grown to love all of our life. 

I said, "Why don't we just go to Michigan to visit the family and while we are there we can get some good corn?" 

Ron reminded me that we had made appointments with doctors and dentists in Mesa, Arizona, starting early in September. 

In my flip way I suggested that we could go to Michigan and still get to Mesa in time for appointments. That went over like a lead balloon; my conservative husband reminded me of how many miles we would have to travel (fast) and he just flatly said that we couldn't do it. 

I was still thinking that I wanted to go to Michigan.  Ron's daughter Marty and her family had moved into a new home that we hadn't seen and they had added on to their cottage and we wanted to see that. Then there was the sweet corn. 

I suggested that we could hang around the east until it was time to go to Tampa for our commitment at Lazy Days. I further suggested that we could easily reschedule the appointments in Mesa for spring. He thought about that for a while but reminded me that we had just traveled down the east coast. I countered with the fact that it had been a long time since we had been to Vermont and it would be fall --- a perfect time. Ron then added that we were at a perfect spot to head to Michigan because our campground in Spokane was on U.S. Route 2. So that is how we happened to dash east.

Now the strange thing is that we have to follow the exact route from West Palm Beach to Tampa and from Tampa back to Mesa. No new territory for a while. We even have to go back to southern California after we leave Mesa to have a few tiny things tended to by the folks who painted our motorhome. The lines on our map will not change until after June maybe, but then we have to jog up to Moscow, Idaho, for the Life on Wheels early in July. Maybe we will head to some of the central states after Life on Wheels. My son who lived in Kansas City hasn't seen us for a while. We haven't been to Colorado for a while either. 

This past year's travels were really very nice. We stayed for a month or more in one place several times. We were here in West Palm Beach for one month last year, then one month in Tampa, then six weeks in Mesa, then one month in Palm Springs. Many times we stayed a week or more. There was really only one fast trip (across U. S. Route 2); the rest of the travels were short more like our 200 mile-stay a week ideal. 

It is getting tougher to go to new places after nearly 14 years on the road, but the revisits are fun. And our commitment to be in Tampa, Florida,  in January and Moscow, Idaho, in July will keep us moving on. 

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