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 How Long Should One Do It?
We got an email from Mel the other day. After being on the road (as full-timers) they are building a house in Florida. He wrote, "Susan, Derringer & I are settled down in Destin, Florida, for the remainder of the month. Then we'll spend quite awhile in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, while our new house is being built, in a nice subdivision. As you probably know, we have been full-time RVers for the past 4+ years. During the past 3 years we seemed to be spending the vast majority of the winter months in or around this area and decided we might as well build a house, spending 6 of the cooler months here. The remainder of the year we'll be touring in the northern states and Canada...."

Some friends dropped by last week. Jim and Patty have been on the road for maybe three years and they were in the area looking for a house---a stick house. When they were preparing to go full-time, Jim could hardly wait. Patty wasn't sure she would like it and thought they could try it for one year. Jim, on the other hand, felt that the lifestyle was definitely for him and that he could go on forever. Well things changed. Patty loved the lifestyle, but Jim was less satisfied. He wanted to do something other than travel. He missed work (isn't that a four-letter word?) or having real projects to do. So that's why they are shopping for a house. They will sell their Dutch Star motorhome and move into a home on a foundation by year's end. 

Many of our acquaintances have pulled off the road or are settling down in some fashion. There is the obvious change caused by the death of a spouse. Joycene thought she could still pull the 5th wheel and travel alone after Alan died, but tired of it after a few months. When Skip was diagnosed with Lou Gherigh's disease he and Georgia immediately sold their beloved Bounder and moved into an apartment near their children. He died shortly after and I doubt that she will go back out alone. 

We talked to Dale the other day. He and Barb did a lot of research before hitting the road. They even flew out to the Life on Wheels in Moscow, Idaho, before buying their Holiday Rambler motorhome. They have been on the road three years and this summer they are going back to Michigan to buy a park model in the huge Coast to Coast park in Burnips (near Grand Rapids) and they will sell their motorhome. Come winter they will come back to View Point where Barb worked this winter and buy a park model here. They will spend summers in Michigan and winters in Mesa, Arizona. 

Many full-timers sit still for a season (usually winter) and that is perfectly normal since there are only so many places one can go to enjoy the warmth of the sun. But when John and Libby bought a lot at The Ranch (Escapee park in New Mexico) we thought they were doing a little nesting. That was short lived though because they learned that it gets cold there in the winter. They sold the lot and are now talking about spending winters in Florida. They will be sitting still this summer too (workamping in Wisconsin) but that is not an indication of pulling off the road. Some people even go from one job or volunteer assignment to another but still stay on the road. 

Today marks the end of our 13th year of full-timing and we are more mobile than ever. We still love our motorhome and the fact that we can live anywhere at any time. If you look at our new map on the What's New page you will see our tracks this past year. Some people wondered if we were squating too much when we spent winter after winter in Mesa, Arizona, but this winter we hardly sat still and we won't sit still for long next winter either. 

Off and on over the years we have talked about where we would settle down if we ever did and our answer has always been the same; we can't decide where to live. Believe it or not, we have even looked at houses, but buying a house and having to live in one place is just too permanent for us at this time. So we keep on going north and south and east and west and find it suits us just fine.Yes, we may settle down someday but have no plans yet. 

And what will you do? Isn't it nice that this lifestyle doesn't have to be permanent; there are lots of choices. Do it your way.

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