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the Life on Wheels schools
So you want to travel at least part time and you have been surfing the web and reading books (especially ours, I hope) and you still don't feel confidant that you can hop into your RV and take off.  There's so much to learn. 

The very best place to go for comprehensive classes on the RV lifestyle is one of the Life on Wheels Conferences which are the brain child of author Gaylord Maxwell. Started 7 years ago they have grown in popularity as more and more learn of  this wonderful opportunity. And it doesn't matter which area of the country you are currently living because there are three school sites---Bowling Green, Kentucky; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the biggest is in Moscow, Idaho. And the conferences are held at convenient times of the year---May in Kentucky, July in Idaho, and September in Pennsylvania. 

We had been asked to teach several years ago, but we were always in the wrong part of the country. This past July we were proud to join the very talented and knowledgeable teachers at the week long conference in Idaho. We were also very impressed at the topics taught and the enthusiastic students. 

Students arrive in RVs and are parked in a parking lot or on a grassy field. The campus at the University of Idaho was serene and peaceful. Some attending did not yet have RVs (they come to learn what to buy first) so they stay in a near by motel. Right away friendships are made and part of the learning begins as people compare what they already know about the RV lifestyle.

Each day of the week-long conference is divided into four sections and each section is two hours long. This allows for one and one half hour long classes and a half hour to change classes. Remember this is a college campus so classes are held in different buildings. In each section of the day 10-12 classes are offered. This gives each student a wide variety of subjects to choose from. Most couples split up to get the most out of the conference. 

Fifty-seven instructors (some are husband and wife combinations) taught a total of 198 classes. This represents some popular classes which were presented twice. And in a few cases more than one instructor presented a class on the same subject which many attendees liked. For example we presented a class on Packing the RV and so did Joe and Vicki Kieva. We noticed that many attended both classes and the survey sheets indicated that they learned from both of our classes. 

Most of the instructors are people you have been reading if you have begun your research on RVing. Joe and Kay Peterson, Joe and Vicki Kieva, Gaylord Maxwell, Sharlene Minshall, Ron Epstein, and John Anderson are just a few of the personalities we enjoyed teaching with. 

Subjects deal with everything from cooking to stress management, from where to go to what to do and from  solar panels to diesel engines. There are classes on how to choose an RV and what to look for in toads/towing vehicles and just about anything you'd ever want to know related to RVing. There were even classes on computers, cameras, and storytelling.  If you want to learn something about RVing it will be taught there. 

We have encouraged a lot of our friends (even those who have been on the road a while) to attend the next session of the Life on Wheels in Idaho.  We will be there and we'd love to see you there too.  It is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Click on the link for more information on the Life on Wheels.

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