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 Nest Itch
New full-timers, embark on their new lifestyle full of excitement. The house has been sold, or rented, precious goods have either been stored or sold, and good-byes have been said, but there are also promises of "we will be back for visits." For a while they play hard as though on a vacation then they slow down a bit and may park at a winter resort for several weeks or a month to rest after so much traveling.

The winter resort is a community of fun-loving seniors who are enjoying the good life. Friendships are made at pot lucks, the pool, at card games, tennis, golf and often the new full-timer is hit by a good case of  "nest itch". A need to belong somewhere may even lead to the purchase (or annual rental) of a lot at that very resort. That same couple will then return to that resort each and every winter. The need for a nest is strong so is the desire to play but the above scenario can satisfy both. Those who don't find that winter resort to belong to may have a summer place instead. 

So what happened to us? We were just ending our first year of full-timing when we stopped at one of those nice winter resorts in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It was fun to sit still, but we had way too much energy to travel so limited our stay to just those three weeks. We chose to do our sitting still by volunteering for three-four months at a time. We still didn't put down even little roots until we were in our fourth year of full-timing. We stayed three months at Outdoor Resorts in South Padre Island, Texas and promised to come back the next year. We did that three years in a row staying for a whopping 6 months the last year we were there. But we had discovered Valle del Oro in Mesa, Arizona, during our travels and wanted to try that for a winter. If you have been visiting our web site for any length of time, you know we rented a lot there on an annual basis and kept returning for four years. We loved it there, but in the back of my mind I wondered what other resorts were like. Maybe we were missing something. We gave up our annual lot (roots?) and returned to the road. 

Maybe our roots are still here in Mesa. Certainly our church, doctors, and dentists are here. We know where the stores are and have friends in more than one resort here. But we are trying another resort. We will be at View Point Resort in Mesa until April 7. 

I am always afraid that I am missing something by not trying everything so that is why I push to keep on trying new and different places. Maybe I am the strange one by not wanting a home and roots. Isn't it nice that we are all different? 

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