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Never Say Never or Forever 
When I was young I had a best friend in school and when I moved away we promised that we would never lose track of  each other. I still think of Carol Thompson, but we didn't keep in touch. Maybe at the age of 10 it wasn't that important after all. 

When my first husband and I married we promised we would stay together forever and ever ---"till death do us part." That promise was also broken. 

Things happen. People move away physically or emotionally. Things change. We change.

When we started full-timing we were only going to stay out one or two years. We thought that a one or two year vacation would be enough and that we would want to settle down on some property we owned in northern Michigan. After the first few weeks though, we kind of settled into a lifestyle and it wasn't as tiring as a vacation. We were comfortable just moving our house down the road a couple of hundred miles and seeing new things and meeting new people. It was exciting to learn about this wonderful country while living in our little house with wheels. The more we experienced, the more we wanted. We started talking about staying out longer especially since we hadn't explored the whole United States yet. 

At the end of three and one half years we made the decision to full-time forever. We never wanted it to end. We sold all of the special things we had originally put in storage and purchased a bigger motorhome (a 34-foot motorhome). With the larger motorhome life was even better. We continued to live and travel, we volunteered more and loved our life.

Evy Lou, a cousin of mine, moved to Mesa, Arizona, and when we visited her house, I really loved it. Ron told me that we could have a house like that, but I panicked; I couldn't picture living in one place. I needed to have wheels under my house. After eight years on the road and to confirm our love of life on the road, we traded the Bounder for the American Dream. We told everyone including our family that they would have it made when it was time for us to move into a nursing home. One of our kids could simply drive our motorhome up to the nursing home and drop us off; they wouldn't have to dispose of all of our stuff. Five more years went by and we were happily rolling along. But both Ron and I started talking about our love of Mesa, Arizona, and that someday we would probably buy a house there.

Many full-timers settle down somewhere after just a few years. They either move into a regular house or apartment or buy or lease a lot in an RV park and put a storage shed on that property or they purchase a park model. We were never interested in having a park model on property we only leased which is how it is done in most parks. And most park models aren't much bigger than our motorhome so it just didn't make sense to move out of the motorhome for the winters and have to store the motorhome. 

I am not sure what happened but a couple of years ago, we started looking at houses---just for the fun of it. We also started looking at certain areas of the country as possible places to settle down instead of just places to spend a season. But every time we got close to thinking we might settle down, we would change our minds again and take off in a different direction. We still love traveling and didn't want to give up the motorhome, but it did seem important to have that place on a foundation. We thought of apartments and condos but we had done that and didn't like the idea of a common wall. We knew that we wanted an active adult community and looked some more. When we found Mountainbrook Village in Gold Canyon we really knew that that was where we wanted to live and we loved the Saguaro model home, but we didn't buy the last time we looked out there. I was just fooling around on the web while we were in Jacksonville and there was our house; we figured it was fate.

We could have stayed full-timers forever; we were really comfortable in that lifestyle. But with interest rates as low as they are and the stock market doing so badly a house looked like a very good investment and well... we had been looking anyway. Since the motorhome is paid for, we can also keep that. We can have our cake and eat it too. We can travel whenever we want which we intend to do. As an added advantage we will be able to let you know what it is like to be a part time RVer. We will be able to address some of the concerns of those who want to keep a house yet travel.

One reader wrote and reminded us that we said we would never quit full-timng and that we had said that if one of us died the other would keep on going alone. We did say that, but something happened. Either we changed or something looked differently to us or.... We've learned that one should never say never or forever.

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