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Nothing Stays the Same
Whenever we stay in an area and get used to the shops, restaurants, and so on, we expect them to remain the same for our next visit. And when we left Haslett, Michigan, on March 30, 1989, we fully expected that everything would stand still for our return. At least it remained the same in our minds. 

The first summer we returned, we enjoyed visiting some of our old haunts. Our favorite Chinese restaurant, Imperial Gardens, was still there and we felt at home ordering our favorite items.  It was comforting and everything tasted just as great as it had before we left. A few years passed and we had experienced more on our travels. We found other Oriental places here and there and they too were good---very good.  But we still remembered the Imperial Gardens in our old town as the best so on our next trip back, we rushed to have dinner there. It wasn't the same. Oh, it looked the same, and the menu was the same. It hadn't changed; we had. We had broadened our tastes. A couple of years later when we returned we didn't even bother eating there, in fact, as we drove by, we noticed it was no longer there. Nothing stays the same.

We had expected that our favorite bagel place in West Palm Beach would always be there. There were no better bagels anywhere and it was fun to eat breakfast there then take a dozen more home. Two winters ago when we were on our way to Florida, I suggested that one of the first things we should do was get some good bagels at that place. It wasn't there. Oh the building was still there but it was a Cuban restaurant instead. Nothing stays the same.

We have been gone from our old home for nearly 13 years and this summer we really noticed a big change. I needed a map to find my way around the mall and I had a lump in my throat when I went to go into my favorite department store. It wasn't there. Hudsons had been the department store in Michigan since I was a little girl. We had lived in Detroit and my mother would take us to that department store that took up a full city block and was 12 stories tall (plus two basements). That wondrous store closed many years ago but not before I could take my children down to wander the biggest store I had ever known. Even after it closed, there was some sense of security as the Hudsons stores were still the anchor store in every mall. Now it has been replaced by a Marshall Fields department store. It is nice, but it is not the same. Nothing stays the same.

Even people change. Friends who were near and dear changed. Or was it that we moved away and we changed? We broadened our horizons and had friends that lived as we did. They understood our lifestyle; our old friends didn't quite understand why we didn't like living on a foundation. Nothing stays the same. 

Have you ever seen a stagnate lake or pond? The weeds have taken over and it is dying because it is not changing. So I guess change is good. Maybe that is why we keep on Movin' On. Because nothing stays the same, we can have new experiences and adventures. What a boring life it would be without a lot of changes regularly. 

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