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 It is a Matter of Perspective
We have heard countless people complain that the rating system in some of the campground directories don't match the camper's view. In other words a campground may be rated high in all categories yet it can be lacking in some at least in some camper's views. What do you want in a campground?

I have kept many diaries in my life and recently read some diary entries from way back when we first got our 24 foot type C motorhome in 1987. Ron had to be in northern Michigan for a meeting related to his work and the conference would end on Friday so we planned that I would drive the motorhome north to an area near where his conference had been and we would spend the weekend playing. We were definitely campers at the time so my first choice of a campground for the weekend was a state park. All of the ones in the desired area were full so I got out the Trailer Life Campground Directory and found the only campground that wasn't full. It was rated 10-10-10---The very best it could be. So what could be wrong? All of the pads which were fairly close together were neatly laid out and paved. There were charcoal grills on stands at each site. There were no trees. The bathrooms were very modern but since this place was very large everything seemed too far away. We hated it and complained to Trailer Life that their rating system was all wrong. That wasn't a campground; it was more like a trailer park. That was our perspective at the time.

We wanted to camp in a wooded campground and pit toilets would have been okay for those who had tents. We wanted to build a camp fire and we couldn't on cement. We wanted to go for hikes while in the campground and swim in a river not a pool. We even would have liked to tie our hammock to a couple of trees and string a clothes line for our wet suits. That is what we wanted at the time. As I said earlier, we were campers not RVers.

Now we are in a highly rated campground and we like the high numbers. We are glad for the 50 amp electrical hook ups because it has been very hot here in Kansas City. We don't mind that we don't have trails to hike; it is too hot anyway. But we are still campers at heart. Our big motorhome doesn't fit into many of the campgrounds we would like to visit. Maybe some day we will trade this big monster in for a small motorhome like our old Mallard and we will look for those public campgrounds like we used to love. Maybe we will even buy a tent. 

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