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 RVers are Simply People
and we are all different
In 1991 I wrote a letter to the editor of Motorhome Magazine to respond to Gaylord Maxwell's aptitude test for full-timers. We included that letter in our book, An Alternative Lifestyle Since we have included all the stories from that book in our web site you can click on the link above to read it.

As we got into our limousine all dressed up and went to Berns Steak House for a luxury dinner, I couldn't help but think of Gaylord and his aptitude test. Would that fit into his picture of a full-timer? Does it fit into yours?

Most cartoons that we see of RVers are uncomplimentary. They depict people in Jeans or shorts that look like old paint clothes. They are shown as rather paunchy too. 

We see all kinds of people out here. Probably most are casual and most of the time we are, but there is a difference in being casual and being ready to paint the house. 

The full-timers we have met all have varied interests too. As I stated in the letter to Motorhome Magazine, we see full-timers doing everything. Is there a mold that we should fit into? Ron has said many times that we are the same people we were before we went on the road. You will be too. Just because you move into an RV doesn't mean your likes, dislikes, personality and so on will change. Perhaps you will relax more, but you will still be the same. 

We have often made the blanket statement that all RVers are a friendly bunch. Are they? We were parked next to a couple at Lazy Days who were not.  They barely responded when we gave them a "good morning" greeting. I tried to talk about their dogs (two and a cat) and it was obvious that they just didn't want to talk. This young (fortyish) couple was new to full-timing (hadn't even left Lazy Days yet) and I guess they thought they had all the answers because they didn't ask a thing about RVing. Most new full-timers have tons of questions. After their motorhome had been brought back from a service bay we just happened to see her hook up the sewer hose and  noticed that she pulled both the black and grey handles then went inside satisfied that she had done her work. I asked Ron to go over and delicately tell them that leaving the black open was not a good idea. They appreciated that and immediately filled the black tank with water to start dissolving 6 weeks worth of solids that must have been piling up, but didn't ask any other questions. They probably think full-timers are nosy busybodies. 

During our seminars many asked if we have been to Alaska yet. Most were surprised when we told them we haven't and really don't have plans to go. It has been our experience that many full-timers head to Alaska early on. So we truly are different or is it that everyone is different. How many full-timers have been to England or taken a cruise. It takes all kinds of people and we hope you will join us soon if you haven't already. 

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