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 Sitting Still
When we started our new lifestyle nearly 12 years ago, we were full of excitement and kept moving every few days. The longest we sat still was about a week then off we would go again. After about a year, we realized that we needed a rest so we sat still for a whole three weeks and we remember worrying that grass was growing under our motorhome. But those three weeks were good. We got to know the people in our campground, had time to play a few rounds of golf, played cards and got to know the area. It really felt good. So periodically we would sit still for a few weeks and gradually we even tried a whole month. 

We had been full-timing for five years when we stayed in a park for a whole three months (South Padre Island, Texas). It was good to go to the same church every Sunday and we finally knew our way around a grocery store. We also found a barber and hair dresser and felt that we were part of a community. That felt good. The next year we stayed in that same park for five months and even got a telephone. That was truly heaven and I cried when I had to give up the phone. We spent five months in that park the next two winters and felt like we belonged somewhere, but the wind got to us and I wanted to try another part of the country. We discovered Valle del Oro in Mesa,  Arizona, and have been coming here for four different winters.

At first sitting still meant that I could have a telephone and that was reason enough but then a cell phone came into our life and having a phone wasn't that important. Last winter we moved and moved and loved it, but it feels good to sit still again this winter. 

We just talked with a fellow full-timer last night and she was saying how great it was to sit still for three months. They were in Florida like us last year and are now back here.  They asked for recomendations on a dentist, hairdresser and so on. It is like coming home and gives the RV a rest from traveling, saves money on fuel, and gives the full-timer a chance to sit and smell the roses. 

One could sit still any season of the year, but winter and the sun belt area seem most ideal. There are only so many places we RVers can go to keep warm in the winter months. Southern California, Arizona, Texas, Alabama and Florida are about the only choices. Snowbirds add to the temporary population of these winter areas so it makes sense to sit still with them.

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