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 Things Work Differently in RVs
Last night when I was knee deep in ice and water while defrosting the refrigerator (it wasn't really that bad), I thought about  the majority of people who live in houses on a foundation. They don't have to defrost refrigerators any more. Then I began to wonder what year it was when refrigerators became self defrosting.  I am sure it was a long time ago and most homemakers take them for granted. Self defrosting refrigerators and self cleaning ovens, dishwashers, and real vacuums (the kind you can stand up and use---our only vacuum is a little red dirt devil) are things of the past for me and have been for over twelve years. 

I have been in an RV with a dishwasher.  It was a huge 40-foot fifth wheel and the owner had all the conveniences of a foundation house. But it functioned like a foundation house since it was really too big to move often. In fact, they went from one place in the summer to one place in the winter and that was the extent of their traveling. Oh, and the dishwasher was so small it looked like a child's pretend dishwasher.

The big thing in RVs in the last five or six years is the addition of washer and dryer combinations. I don't have one because I wanted the storage space instead. Most of these combinations are not like typical "house" washer/dryer combinations. RV washers and dryers are just one machine that does both. First it washes then it goes into the dry mode. And they are small machined thereby holding small loads (clothing for one couple for a day). It takesquite a while for the load to get done too. I figured that if you can't put the sheets and towels in and since most RVers have to go to the laundromat to do the big stuff anyway, why not get it all done at once at a laundromat and be done with it in one trip. But those who have this appliance swear by it and wouldn't give it up for the world. 

We have a friend whose motorhome has a trash compactor. Now that's a luxury, but there again I can use the exercise walking to the dumpster or better yet, I just send Ron.

Back to the refrigerator. Defrosting is something I just have to do every month. I have to defrost the ice maker too (it is a separate appliance in our motorhome). But I wouldn't trade our life for all the self defrosting refrigerators in the world. 

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