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Recently one of our readers suggested that it might be helpful if we would write about our transition from full-time RVers to homeowners. Other than shopping and shopping and feeling frustrated in trying to decorate (RVs come fully decorated) a whole house, there was very little to our transition. But it would have been a whole lot different if we had chosen to settle somewhere other than where we are. I will go into that in a minute but first I wanted to write about the transition to full-timing briefly.

The change from a conventional lifestyle to the full-timing lifestyle meant a huge transition. Most will feel the lack of roots, stability, loss of long time friendships and the closeness of the partner (sometimes good and sometimes bad). Just getting ready to go on the road is a huge transition when one considers all of the major decisions one must make such as what to sell, give away or throw away as opposed to the little than can be carried with you. Never before in any move have most people been faced with so many obstacles such as where to get mail, what state to call home, phone and email concerns and add to that the possible loss of community and proximity to family. Going on the road is where the big transition is because most are going into foreign territory --- the unknown. We tried to help all of you through our books, seminars and web site but until you experience it for yourself, it is still an unknown.

Coming off the road is a piece of cake. You already know what it is like to live in a foundation house. Picking the area might present the biggest challenge especially after having been on the road for a while. Ron always thought that he would settle in Florida in his golden years until he discovered, southern Texas, Arizona, California and many other beautiful areas. Once our eyes were opened to all the possibilities making the final decision was a bit of a challenge, but for us Gold Canyon, Arizona was the only place we wanted to live. 

Several of our full-timing friends have recently gone off the road. Most of them traveled for about 6-7 years before settling down. Tony and Teresa (from Michigan) just settled south of us somewhere near Nogales, Arizona. They bought property and built their own home and that met their needs. Dante and Claudia from Rhode Island just settled in Durango, Colorado, to be near her sister and because they liked the area. Addie and June from Colorado Springs settled in a new home in an adult community in Venice, Florida. Rich and Bobbie, also from Colorado Springs settled near Kansas City to be near his mother after his father died. I would venture a guess that most of these people would have said that they would end up somewhere else until they spent a little time traveling around or until a family member needed them (as in the case of Rich and Bobbie). 

Some have gone off the road only to feel frustrated and we have heard of several who sold the house and went back on the road after a while. In fact I went to an estate sale recently and in talking with the homeowner discovered that they had full-timed for 5 years, loved this area so settled down, then hated not knowing the neighbors and the feeling of being trapped so they were selling all and had their motorhome packed and were ready to go. This is not unusual especially if one moves into a traditional neighborhood. Neighbors in houses are not like neighbors in campgrounds unless you are in a community like ours. This active adult community has tons of activities like the big campgrounds do. And this might surprise you; many of our neighbors are RVers. In fact three out of five of our immediate neighbors are RVers. We are fun loving, people who are easy to get to know. We love our neighbors.

Joe and Dee live near us and they also traveled full-time for quite a while (I think 5-6 years). They are from Chicago, fell in love with this area of Arizona, bought a house in an active adult community (Sunland Springs) and sold their Bounder. But six months ago, they were blessed with their first grandchild who lives in Chicago. Now Dee would like to live closer to Chicago but not in the north. She says that Florida is 600 miles closer so they are thinking of checking out the new big active adult community near Orlando (the Villages). They are going to rent a place there and if they like it we may lose them as neighbors. So nothing is ever etched in stone.

We personally believe that most full-timers are very adaptable and easily fit into almost any mold. 

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