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Two by Two
We did something last year that we had only done once before in our full-timing life and we did it a lot. We traveled with another couple periodically. When we hooked up with our good friends, Judy and Cec in Mackinaw City, Michigan, we had no idea that six months later we would still be traveling together. Judy and Cec are gals who travel together in their 36 foot Safari. They are originally from Visalia, California, and have been on the road for 6 years. They are the most organized, informed RVers we know. They are also a lot of fun. Traveling with them was wonderful but it takes a bunch of give and take and all involved need to like each other.

No two people live alike so if you are going to try traveling with another couple look at each other's likes and dislikes to anticipate any problems ahead of time. Things might not even be evident until after you have been together for a while. Most differences can be worked around with a little compromising. The four of us found that we were really quite compatible.

Judy can't get along without her satellite TV. When they followed us to Carson City, Michigan, (from our visit in Mackinaw) Judy looked at the dense trees in our campground as a problem. We loved them and the shade they provided. She saw them as an obstacle in getting a satellite signal. We couldn't get a signal, but it didn't bother us; we just did without TV. She was determined to get a signal and finally did although it took much time and some creative genius. She even insisted on getting a signal for us on our satellite. We learned that Judy can get a satellite signal almost anywhere, but to save her having to go through that, we tried to give her the sites with the least obstruction. 

After the first two weeks together there in Michigan, we went our separate ways but made plans to meet at various places along the way. That worked fine. They were usually there ahead of us because of our longer than planned stop at the factory for service. They were our scouts so that when we arrived they had the maps all marked with what was where. Sometimes we didn't meet up again for a couple of weeks, but when we got together again it was like old home week. It was nice to have good friends along the way. 

Actually we seldom traveled together until we got to Florida, but that was the easy part.  We don't have a CB radio but the girls had walkie talkies so that became our only means to communicate the need for potty stops for the drivers or trouble. It was nice to know we were there for them and visa versa. 

Meal time could be a problem with two couples. We have seen traveling couples  who eat each and every meal together. Our situation was different because of our different lifestyles but Weight Watchers helped bring us together. Ron and I usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner at home but we do like to eat out often usually eating our dinner meal out. Judy is a good cook but doesn't cook by choice and neither does Cec. They go out to eat 9 times out of 10, but they only eat lunch out (at 1 p.m. or later). Most of the time we ate lunch out with them enjoying a huge healthy salad. In the evening then we just had a small snack (or popcorn) in our own homes. It was fun to eat out with them, but sometimes, we just did our own thing and so did they. 

Discovering new eating places like Burns Steak House in Tampa, Crispers in Lakeland or Diana's (in Charleston) for pecan pie to name a few was part of the fun. Counting Weight Watcher points together then weighing in and cheering each other on or boosting one who might be down was also park of the value in sharing travels together. Sharing good finds is also important. When we left them in Savannah I was reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and promised to let them read it when they joined up with us again. But as I read it I wished I had still been in Savannah so I called and told them to get their own book and read it while they were still there. They will tell you that that led to a whole new experience for them which they will never forget. 

We learned early on that it was a big benefit to have them near us. Besides having friends to share things with when there was trouble (like when Ron passed out in New Orleans). I don't know what I would have done without our dear friends. Also having them with us at Lazy Days even though we weren't in the same campground was comforting and helpful. But we think that it is important to have time apart too. We planned a good amount of days when we didn't even talk to each other and we each did our own thing.

We just parted again for a while; they went up to Visalia for doctor appointments and we are still here in the desert. This time we don't really know when we will be back together again. We hope to hook up sometime soon but it depends on a few variables. For sure they are going to be in Tampa with us the whole month of January 2003 as we do our seminars. We couldn't ask for better friends than that. 

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