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The Ugliness in Beauty
We did a lot of driving on our days off while we were volunteering at Three Island Crossing State Park and I particularly remember a long drive that we took from Glenns Ferry east and north to Hailey, Ketchum (Sun Valley), Stanley and then west through the Boise National Forest and south to Boise by way of Lowman and Idaho City. The views and vistas were absolutly gorgeous, in fact breathtaking. The mountains were still sporting a small frosting of snow, the rivers bubbled over rocks while hurrying downhill, the trees were big, green and plentiful. I felt like we had been given a gift and a sense of calm and peace surrounded us while we were there in God's country. 

As we left Stanley and continued west and south and while still in the national forest, I felt like crying when we saw the damage done by the Lowman fires some time ago. But there was new life growing and I knew that in time it would be beautiful again; that is nature's plan. 

A little further when we left the national forest, I felt sick. Here and there were run down, un loved houses with each with a yard full of trash surrounding the house for a good part of an acre. Junk cars, rusted lawn equipment, a rusted old washing machine left where it was tossed years ago, trailers, tools and whatever littered the area. Why would anyone want to live in the beauty of that place and yet trash it like that? There ought to be a law. 

On our way to Moscow, Idaho, from Glenns Ferry we stopped in Cascade for a couple of days and one day we took a drive to Warm Lake which was again part of the Boise National Forest.  We stopped at a scenic spot which had a wide pull out. We wanted to have a moment to enjoy that special spot. But there at the edge of the parking area was trash all over the place. It looked like people stopped to eat lunch there and threw out what was left as though it was their own personal garbage can. I couldn't photograph it all; it was just too ugly. 

It is not just Idaho; we have seen the same thing in the beautiful areas of most states. These are usually the areas way out in the country and maybe these people think that no one cares. Well, I do. I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make everyone take care of the beauty of this land. I just don't understand it. 

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