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         Posted by motor home mama on April 09, 1999 at 09:36:14:
         My husband and I have been "talking" about fulltiming for 2 yrs. We are now
         beyond the "talking" stage and have ordered a 31' class C, bought a toad, told
         the family, in the process of selling stuff, and selling the house. He is in his glory.
         I go from, "we're outta here" to I'm desserting my 80 yr old mother ( who lives
         5 min away), not seeing our 3 grandchildren, who just recently moved to our
         area and putting more money in to our retirement fund (I'm 55, my honey is
         61). He's raring to go, I'm ready for Prozac. Help! 

Posted by Agnes on April 12, 1999 at 10:39:38:
        In Reply to: Emotions posted by motor home mama on April 09, 1999
         I know exactly how you feel. When we originally thought of doing this, we
         thought it would be after our parents were gone so that they wouldn't worry
         about us and we them. However, we have, partly because of job
         circumstances, decided to do it now and so are concerned about our parents.
         My dad is 87 and Rich's parents are both 85. We currently live about 3 hours
         from my dad and 2 from Rich's parents. Our ONLY CHILD, a son, lives in
         Baltimore which is also about 2 hours from us. Our plan is to try to spend time
         with all of them in the summer and fall, stay near enough to get to our son's, or
         him to us, for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then head west for the winters.
         Emotionally, it will sometimes be difficult but we can't put our lives on hold
         either. Those with grandchildren can always have them for visits like Ron and
         Barb do. We hope our son will be able to visit us but know our parents won't.
         I'm sure all of us who are plannng this life will find the solutions that work best
         for our individual circumstances. Life is such an adventure!

Posted by Brenda Bogart on April 28, 1999 at 01:43:04:
        In Reply to: Re: Emotions posted by Agnes on April 12, 1999 at 10:39:38:
         My husband Jim (63)& I(47)have put our home up for sale and are ready to
         RV fulltime. I am a littl worried about things, but I am anixous to get started.
         Our kids are gone, and so we want to see the country. I am a little concerned
         about the cost of RVing but it will be cheaper for us on the road then keeping
         our home. We are looking for an RV now, and have found a few we like. I am
         get a little teary eyed about selling our things but then think about what fun we
         will have and how many friends we will meet. Brenda 

Posted by Cheryl K on April 10, 1999 at 02:08:17:
        In Reply to: Emotions posted by motor home mama on April 09, 1999
         Dear MH Momma, I know wherefrom you speak as I'm pretty much in the
         same boat. Our house is going on the auction block soon and we're also
         preparing our family for our departure. I've assured my daughter & grandboys
         that a large part of each summer we will come home and spend valuable family
         time with them, as well as major holidays. My mother passed away last year,
         thus I don't have that tugging at my heartstrings. However, I am looking
         forward to new adventures as I do love traveling in the RV. I figure if we're
         needed by the family in a hurry, there are planes and trains going that way, but
         otherwise they have their lives and we've got ours and thus we're planning on
         RVing for a time period (and perhaps longer than our slated time period).
         Good luck and safe travel to you and yours; I'm sure we're all going to enjoy
         ourselves and a new found sense of freedom.