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Pets and full-timing

Posted by Cyndie on April 19, 1999 at 22:30:07:

        In Reply to: Full-timing Questions posted by Cheryl Kreger on April 19, 1999
          Regarding dogs to Canada...you need up to date vaccinations and a health
          certificate from your vet to cross the border. This is what I needed when I
          moved to Canada in 1991. I planned to maintain licenses for my dogs in my
          current home town. 

Posted by Sherry on April 10, 1999 at 19:02:06:
         We are planning our full-time escape in a few months, and one of my REAL
         concerns is what to do about our 5 (yes, five) cats! They are "house cats", but
         have free run in&outdoors all day via their "cat door", but always inside at night
         where its safe, warm and cozy. I have contemplated every possible alternative,
         and can't find the right solution....do we leave them here and have a "sitter"
         check on them every day, or can we possibly take 5 cats along, with their total
         loss of the outdoor freedom they were used to. We currently live in a semi-rural
         area where they are not in danger from vehicle traffic, but some night-time wild
         animal dangers (we are sure to round them all up before dark)...truly a cat's
         paradise, where they have the very best of both worlds. Would it be unfair to
         take them along? I know that they would truly be lonely without us, and vice
         versa! Cats are creatures of habit and I wonder if they could stand the constant
         upheaval in their daily routine. Do you cat-lovers have any good advise for us?
         We have no children and our kitties are very special to us. 

Posted by Jerry Kreger on April 11, 1999 at 00:33:45:
        In Reply to: Have you traveled with cats posted by Sherry on April 10, 1999
         Sherry, If you want to know all about traveling with cats, you should contact
         Rick and Shelby Bailey at rvncats@aol.com. They travel with three Siamese
         cats and have done so for sometime now. Rick has made a tunnel to one of his
         basement storage compartments which is sealed off from the rest of the storage
         areas. This compartment contains their cat box. As in a house, the cats pretty
         much have the run of their motorhome. Their cats are good travelers and spend
         most of their time sleeping. Both Rick and Shelby can answer just about any
         question you can present to them. Good luck Jerry 

Posted by Cyndie on April 10, 1999 at 19:35:43:
         I am getting anxious whether I will be welcome at campgrounds with my two
         dogs. They are sisters, 18 months old and 60 pounds each. I don't plan to
         leave them alone hardly at all. They are a handful, full of energy and playful. I
         am expecting they will settle down considerably when I am with them fulltime
         and can work on their manners. I already know I need to call ahead and make
         reservations and will be very respectful of other campers and cleanup after
         them religiously. Any other words of wisdom to reduce my anxiety? Thanks in

Posted by John on April 19, 1999 at 13:37:50:
        In Reply to: My dogs posted by Cyndie on April 10, 1999 at 19:35:43:
         My wife and I travel with our overly friendly Golden Retriever. We have never
         been turned away from a campground. We stay at both private and public
         parks. Despite all the whining, we've found more people that like dogs than
         those who don't. Don't worry, your dogs and you will both love it. John