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Storage (away from the RV)

Posted by arrowhead on February 08, 1999 at 21:50:48:
         We are planning to have an auction and sell everything we aren't taking with us
         except for those "few" things - pictures, etc. Then we plan to put that money in
         a CD and just let it build so when we come off the road and we will some day
         whether it be because of age or illness or what ever, we will then use that
         money to furnish an apartment.

Posted by Chuck Mercer on February 10, 1999 at 11:03:39:
        In Reply to: will you sell posted by arrowhead on February 08, 1999
         We're in the process of selling everything. We've contacted an auction house
         who will come in and take everything (Saves me having to move it). To prepare
         for that, we're selling or consigning things that might have more value, such as
         jewelry, artworks, hippo collection, etc. Like the previous person, as we
         liquidate, we put the proceeds in savings - every little bit helps. 

Posted by Donna Yeaw on March 10, 1999 at 11:42:27:
        In Reply to: Re: will you sell posted by Chuck Mercer on February 10, 1999
         We faced these same decisions when we started full-timing. You can read
         about what we did with all our stuff on my web site. Basically, we either gave it
         away to kids/friends or sold it. We have moved a lot in our lives together so we
         knew what storage & moving could do to furniture. The cost of climate
         controlled storage didn't make sense as well as the fact that we didn't intend to
         return to GA to live. We do have a plastic tote that is our "memory box" - this
         is where we store pictures, momentos, etc. (We keep silica in it as well to help
         keep the moisture down). We have added a few things but in general, we
         haven't regretted anything that we left behind. 

Posted by Sandy Sherry Harper on February 11, 1999 at 11:39:29:
         2/11/99 We sold our house 7/95. In the process we made several piles in our
         livingroom with labels: 1)give to friends, 2)sell, 3)give to kids, 4)give to
         Salvation Army, 5)storage, 6)take with us, 7)throw out. It was a difficult
         decision to make with over 22 years of "stuff", but eventually we accomplished
         our task. Our first storage unit was 10'x 5'. We have since gone through our
         unit and pared down more - throwing out and giving away. We now have a 5'x
         5' unit. It holds mostly "Grandma's treasures" (Sandy calls these "junk")we are
         saving to give our children when they have homes. The rest are a few files and
         books that we are not ready to discard. Our hope is to eventually eliminate our
         storage unit all together, but have given ourselves time to slowly eliminate
         "stuff". For us, this is emotionally easier and worth the price we've paid in

in Reply to: Sell or Store posted by Sandy Sherry Harper on February 11, 1999
        Think of your storage shed as the file where you store stuff you download to
         your computer from the net. Most of it is never going to be looked at again.
         The stuff you want to review you can get again when you are online. The point
         is; if you are going to go full-time, forget the storage shed and get rid of all the
         stuff that won't fit in your RV. After a while, you will forget you ever had it.
         Also, you will save lots of money from not having stored it and you won't have
         to clean off the mildew later on. 

Posted by Nancy Malon on April 06, 1999 at 16:30:29:
        In Reply to: Sell or Store posted by Sandy Sherry Harper on February 11, 1999
        Sandy, My husband and I are just starting to plan a life of full-timing. We hope
         to do this in about 2 years. I find myself looking at the possessions that I have
         wondering how I can part with them. I appreciate your article because it
         showed me that the process of converting to this lifestyle and sorting through
         one's possessions is probably the same for most of us. I anticipate I will store
         some of my possessions also just in case I change my mind! 

Posted by Agnes on February 18, 1999 at 16:47:09:
        In Reply to: Re: Sell or Store posted by Norm Wyner on February 18, 1999
         We go back and forth about storage. Sometimes we are planning to keep some
         furniture and all of our personal "stuff.' Sometimes we decide to sell ALL
         furniture and only store the "stuff." The reason for keeping some furniture was
         because we thought if we don't like RVing after a year, we'd have some
         furniture to set up a house again. In addition, we know that if we sell the
         furniture, we will not get half the value of several pieces - certainly no where
         near what it would cost to replace them. HOWEVER, if we like RVing, it will
         be harder to sell the furniture from a storage locker than it would be to sell it
         now while we have a phone and a nice setting for people to view the furniture
         in! Another one of those hard to make decisions! 

Posted by John on March 01, 1999 at 16:09:35:
        In Reply to: Re: Sell or Store posted by Agnes on February 18, 1999
         This is much the same dilemna that we faced when moving from our 4/3 home
         in Florida to a cabin the the mountains of N Georgia. I assume we will face it
         again in 32 months 30 days when we hit the road fulltime. We sent most of our
         Florida furniture to a consignment shop. After 12 months, it was all sold. The
         shop kept 50%, but many of the pieces they sold, were for as much and some
         for more than we actually paid for them. We wound up with about half of our
         initial expenditure. When you consider the markup on furniture is up to 300%,
         that is not a bad deal. You will never get what you paid for new furniture. If that
         is your goal, give it to the kids. It will keep you from being disappointed. We
         do not intend to store anything when we sell this next time. What we don't farm
         out to the kids will go on the auction block. If it won't fit in the RV, it has to go.
         Our plan is to put x amount of money each year into a house fund. If we decide
         to stop our fulltime adventures and go back to a traditional house, we will have
         a fund to help buy and set up the new place. If we choose not to do this, hey,
         more money to play with. Maybe a really big diesel pusher in a few years! John
         Blairsville, GA 

Posted by AL Jo Wraspir on March 05, 1999 at 01:46:10:
        In Reply to: Re: Sell or Store posted by John on March 01, 1999 at 16:09:35:
         We are in the middle of this decision right now. We have purchased our RV,
         sold our home and we are still pondering what to do -- sell or store. We have
         finally decided to store some of our "Treasures" at our cabin for future use and
         sell, toss, give or donate the rest. My theory is: "If you haven't used it or looked
         at it in the last year, you don't need it!" See you on the road! 

Posted by vickie on March 05, 1999 at 14:39:06:
        In Reply to: Re: Sell or Store posted by AL Jo Wraspir on March 05, 1999
         John that was a really good idea. We were planning on an auction then storing
         a few items. Never thought of putting the storage money into an account in case
         we do want to eventually settle down again (hope not). Will think about this
         though. Thanks Vickie

Posted by Brenda C on March 13, 1999 at 06:31:16:
         My situation is a little different. But I have learned that their are a lot of
         variations of RV lifestylers. I'm 41 & my son will be 17 in July. We get along
         vey well (Thank God... literally) or we couldn't do this. I homeschool him, but
         he actually does a "self directed study program" & I grade & help him stay
         focused. We are campers & love nature & the outdoors. (But also plays,
         restaurants & movies...) I am a pursing mgr. for a company that is having
         serious problems right now. I also have some questions about y2k. I think if
         there are any problems with y2k RV'ers will have a super situation to deal with
         them. Bottom Line: I live week to week even though I make a good salary. We
         have decided to sell all of our things (hard for me, my son thinks it's great... as
         long as he has his dog a tiny datsund & music he's happy...) & buy a fully
         loaded pop-up (more room for the money) and bought a 10'6"X10'6" canopy
         style screen/bonus room to extend living space & will have our old 10'X8' tent
         in back to store his bike & Lady's (our dog) kennel, etc. There is a beautiful
         campground on one of the Islands (I live in Charleston, SC) only 15 minutes
         from where I work (I now drive an hour as before the homeschool we moved
         here for the schools... Charleston schools are awful...) It is a large beautiful CG
         w oaks w/ draping moss & lake, etc.) There are several permanent residents, 1
         for 11 yrs that live there in their campers. But many seasonal & traveling
         campers as well as large section for in season tenters, etc. I can get pone
         hook-up (I have to have the internet...) Onlly 260.00 month for full hook-up. I
         will save (easily) $1000.00 month first for emerency fund & then towards
         buying land. Sorry this is so long.... Big change in my ife, you know (BTW I did
         buy their book & it has really helped =) We love to camp & plan to use the
         camper to travel when the time is right. SO, do you think I'm nuts??????
         Thanks in advance for you comments, Blessings to you & yours- Brenda C