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 Good Places for Full-timers to Winter

Posted by Maure Hurt on April 04, 1999 at 21:16:05:
         Some folks may want to consider Hemet, Califonia. Hemet (alt. 1,500 ft.) is
         outside the smog belt that envelopes Los Angeles. There are several parks there
         that have spectacular views of Mt. San Jacinto (11,000 ft.). Palm Springs is on
         the other side of the mountain, but Hemet does not have the prices of PS.
         There are several golf courses that have reasonable rates for seniors during the
         week. One side note, Fleetwood has a plant that builds Aljos and Nomads.
         There is freshwater trout fishing in the mountains at Lake Hemet in the Spring
         and a new reservoir is going in that will have fishing very close to Hemet. Lake
         Perris has had record bass caught (20 mi. from Hemet). San Diego is about 90
         miles down the freeway for saltwater fishing ranging from 1/2 day trips to those
         that go out for 16 days or more! 

Posted by Ed Richmond on March 06, 1999 at 08:50:38:
         Thanks Steve and Norm for sharing on this topic. I think it is a good and
         interesting topic. I am surprised that there have not been more entries for this
         one. I am just about to start fulltiming this summer, so I have no experience to
         share. I hope others will share their favorite places for us newbees, however.

In Reply to: Thanks posted by Ed Richmond on March 06, 1999 at 08:50:38:
         Me, too, Ed! I checked in today hoping that I'd find some great places for us to
         visit when we begin our full timing. Well, let's keep hoping! I do have to keep
         reminding myself that full timers don't have daily access to the Internet like we
         do. Agnes

Posted by Steve Shaff on March 03, 1999 at 22:17:22:
         We've been fulltiming for about one year. We decided to try South Texas
         (Pharr) for our first winter. We love it. Nice weather. Nice people. Good rates.
         There is a little wind, but the rest seems to outweigh that little anoyance. We
         might try other locations, but have talked to people in our park that have
         moved, but they come back. Any comments from others? 

In Reply to: Winter Nesting posted by Steve Shaff on March 03, 1999 at 22:17:22:
         We will be full timing very soon. Don't have a clue about rates? Are you a
         member of any particular club, if so do you recommend it. Curious about the
         okay rates you mentioned. Would you mind sharing that info. Thanks, from one
         newbee to another We plan to travel for about a year to see if we like it. I
         believe we will, would like to share ideas and info with other RVers who are
         starting out. 

We have been wintering in St. Augustine, FL for each of the three winters since
         we began full-timing. Our home had been in Jacksonville, so we have ties to
         doctors, dentists, and friends in the area. The area offers everything we enjoy;
         recreation, shopping, and restaurants. Perhaps most important, you can't beat
         the weather here in the winter. Forget Florida in the Summer, but the winters
         are great; just check your weather map!