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What our readers say about Movin' On.

I have just finished your lovely new book.  I feel like I know you both, because of your friendly and refreshing letters.          Thanks so much. 

My husband and I plan to retire and move into our new 32' Flair full time in Jan, 2001.  We have been planning this for 2 years and I have purchased several books on full-timing.  After the first 2 chapters I became bored and read piece parts, but never felt interested enough to finish any one books.  Your book was so informative and I felt I wanted it to on and on.

Maybe some time in the future we will be lucky enough to meet see you somewhere on the road.  Thanks so much for helping us on the way to having such a big backyard and no need to plan the garden.  God did it for us.

Linda Rook
Woodinville, WA      

P.S. Paul says hello, also.  He is just beginning the book, but I shared it with him while I was reading it.  He is excited to read it on his own.

I bought your book last week and it really got us fired up to get on with the rest of our lives. Only 2 years and 9 months until we both retire and then we will be Movin On too. Thanks for a wonderful book and web page.

Peggy and Bob Morris

Hi Ron and Barb,

I just finished your new book and LOVED IT!!  My husband and I plan to start full-timing in a couple years as he can retire from his government job at that time and I do medical transcription via modem, so I can continue to work using cellular phone connections; however,  after reading the book, I am ready to go now.  Your book is both informing and entertaining, and I want to compliment you on providing information in this format.

We would like very much to subscribe to your electronic newletter.  Thanks again,

Tom & Judy DeWalt    

Many thanks for a great book. We are finding it difficult to put down. Hope to see you out on the road in 2000.    

Jim & Patty Hammond

Hi Barb and Ron,

Just had to let you know as of August 1 we will be full timing!  Our children (all grown)  think it's great - that since we wanted to do this for so long, and dad retiring, our lives should be free of the rat race.

We sold our house, we're going through getting things packed, sold, etc. (no storage for us).  Thanks so much for your wonderful book.  If it wasn't for that, we feel we would be floundering about this time.  My husband, Jim, gets that sick feeling every so often and says "Gotta reread a couple chapters".  That's a great compliment as he just needs the reinforcement.  It really is a big step and we realize from your book that we all must go through the same up and down feelings...

Safe motoring,
Ardie & Jim Rose

Hi Ron & Barb,
I feel like I know you after having read every word of your book, Movin' On. I loved it and learned so much about RVing...

Your book really helped me to see that one can live this type of life and enjoy it much more than living in a foundation house in one spot all your life. I plan to order your book so I can have it for handy reference in the future.

Margo Baldrige

Just finished your book.  The war dept. (affectionately) and I are contemplating the Full-timing life-style.  Your book was informative and humorous.  I was just surfing and found your site.  I told Brenda just today before I found your site, "I gotta write 'em a letter."

Oh, by the way, it's the first book the wife has ever seen me read, cover-to-cover.  I'm usually a "how-to" book person.

Dana & (his war dept.) Brenda (Bibi) Haynes

Dear Ron & Barb,

I usually take months to finish a book because I lose interest and start another one. I bought your book on Amazon.com in March and really enjoyed reading it. I had a hard time putting it down and finished it in record time. It was great to read about your adventures. I recently retired from the corporate world and look forward to touring the country in a RV. We are having a problem deciding which kind we want. I have a friend with a 5th wheeler that he loves and another with a Class A similar to your castle on wheels. I hope to read more books on RVing as I am excited to start. When will you be publishing a new book? I would look forward to it. Thanks again for sharing your adventures.

Joe and Connie in South Carolina....

PS, you guys would be welcome anytime to share our driveway and home here on Lake Murray.

Joe M

Barb and Ron,

Received your book and could not put it down.  It was everything and more.  We sold our truck and fiver about four years ago, but had always intended to retire to fulltiming.  Your book rekindled the embers into a flame and am now looking for a used diesel pusher.  We live in Coeur D Alene Idaho and I am awaiting a heart transplant at Sacred Heart in Spokane Washington.  Will keep you informed of my progress. I also notice that you and Ron like to volunteer as we do and always attend church, these are both priorities for Gloria and I as well.

Keep Up the Good Work, GOD Bless,
Loren and Gloria Bowser

I received your two books this past week and took the new one on the road with me this week. I had a hard time putting it down at night in my hotel room. I long for the day when I can retire and never again stay in another hotel (I have stayed over
100 nights this year to date), I can assure you I would prefer to stay in my own bed in my own camper.

Vaughn Hobbs

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