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On March 17, 1989, Ron retired as Deputy Director of Finance for the Michigan Department of Transportation and on March 30 we turned in our town house keys and started the ignition of our new house---a twenty-four-foot Mallard Sprinter (Class C) motorhome. Hooked up behind our Little Cocoon was our old Plymouth Horizon with our bikes perched on top. This was the culmination of one yearís planning, and we were excited to finally be getting on with  our new adventure---full-time RVing. We had sold most of what we owned, put some in storage, and carried the rest with us. Even though it was a typically cold and dreary day in Michigan, we were like children just let out of school for the summer. 

What started out to be a one-or-two-year adventure turned into three and one-half years, and in December of 1992, we bought a new thirty-four-foot Bounder motorhome, which we called our Mansion. That signaled to us that we were very committed to the rambling lifestyle, so we sold everything that was in the storage locker, plus a piece of property that we owned in Northern Michigan, and we continued full-timing. 

Because so many people we met were curious and even envious of our lifestyle, we started producing a Newsletters, Moviní On, detailing our travels. We also started work on our first book, An Alternative Lifestyle. That book was first published in the spring of 1992. 

When we ran out of books, instead of just reprinting, we revised the book first, because we had learned a lot and changed a bunch (especially with the bigger motorhome). We added the long subtitle, Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle, to help define the topic. A new color cover showed a neat picture of us in our Bounder. We also added more pages and pictures. Each year when we reprinted, we tried to make minor revisions to keep the information up to date. The book gained in popularity. So did our Newsletters. Our readers became a Moviní On family complete with decals to identify each other on the road. 

In December of 1996, we traded motorhomes again and moved into our Castle---a thirty-nine-foot American Dream diesel pusher. We are still traveling all over the country and have started on our tenth year as we write this. We donít plan to quit for a long time yet. But we have experienced changes in how we live this lifestyle. It was time to write a new book that would give us an opportunity to provide different insights, options and more adventures of full-timing. 

An Alternative Lifestyle---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle has been retired. In its place we are offering Moviní On---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle. In it we give an expanded view of full-time RVing and include subjects that we hadn't covered before, as well as a discus sion of basic full-time considerations. Many readers will relate to Moviní On since that was the name of the newsletters we published for eight years. Its success contributed to its demise when the logistical chores of printing, mailing, and answering mail to more than eight-hundred subscribers started to control our full-timing lifestyle. Although we ceased publishing the newsletters in February of 1998, Moviní On lives on through this book. Because we believe that some of the stories that we published in Moviní On are beneficial to full-timer hopefuls, we are adding them to this book too. They are meant to be a part of the book not just an extra footnote. 

We think that this book combines the best of all that we have to offer. It is basic enough for those who want to learn about the  lifestyle and sophisticated enough for those who want the best of  everything. It is also our adventure story, and we donít mind  laughing at ourselves at times. We hope you enjoy it and that you will be motivated by this book to join us on the road. Look for us, and when you find us, please be sure to stop and chat for a while.