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An Alternative Lifestyle--Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle
    "...full of Ideas about how to shave the cost from full-timer or occasional RVing...Offers lots of advice about practical matters delivered in a conversational writing style."
--Julie Bonnin, Austin American Statesman

     "...not only describes their adventures, but gives nuts-and-bolts advice on how to choose a motorhome, how to maintain it, how to look for a campsite and how to scale a gracious fixed-home lifestyle down into a more compact, rolling environment."
--William Bygrave, Winter Haven News Chief

     "The book and Newsletters show people how they can afford what looks like an expensive lifestyle."
--Norris Ingells, Lansing State Journal

     "...answers just about every question you could think of regarding full-time RV living."
--Jim Tate, Marshall Independent

     "Ron & Barb in their style of writing, have a knack for holding ones interest with their easy manner of relating information to you instead of at you. This mannerism continues chapter after chapter relating information and practical, workable opportunities for the successful existence and survival of the full-timer and all of us 'Would Be's'."
--Ralph Thompson, The Bounder Beacon

     "...A real winner."
--Joe & Kay Peterson, founders of the Escapees Organization

     "An Alternative Lifestyle...Is the best book written on full-time RVing, told strictly from the viewpoint of one couple who are experiencing the lifestyle."
--Don Wright, RV Traveletter

     "It's a relief to read a 'how to' book that is not only readable and interesting, but valuable as well. By the time you finish this, you will want to hit the road."
--Rev. Donald R Ryding, Ph.D.

What our readers say 

     "...thank you for putting your fun personality in a book & Newsletters."

     "...it has given my husband and I a new dream...God bless you."

     "I feel as if I know you personally....My husband and I stayed up half the night reading and sharing it [An Alternative Lifestyle...] together....Thanks ever so much. You gave us what we were looking for in this fast paced lifestyle--a way to get off the merry-go-round. Our marriage has been revitalized because now we have a fun-filled future ahead."

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