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by Ron

Introduction & campgrounds
Barb has asked me to write a weekly article and although we often share the driving of our big diesel powered motorhome, I thought the title would be appropriate. You all know that I am good at picking titles. It was my idea to name our first book An Alternative Lifestyle---how naive. So just pretend that I am doing the driving and realize that these are strictly my opinions and all may not agree with them. 

Eventually we have to wheel this coach into a campground and that brings us to the subject of this first article. It appears to me that the campground industry is way behind the curve when it comes to adapting to today�s needs. Non-RVers must be designing many of them and likewise non- RVers must sit on local zoning boards that restrict RV parks near a metropolitan area. They have a stereotype of an RV park and view it as a trailer park with trashy trailers. They would be surprised to learn that many of today�s RVs cost many times more than most houses in the neighborhoods that they are trying to protect. A comprehensive set of ordinances would deal with the problems they fear and that�s where the campground owner comes in. Permanent trailers (many cannot even be moved) should not be allowed unless it is a trailer park only. Often the site becomes junky and is tolerated by the campground. 

Campgrounds have not been bashful about raising prices for the growing RV industry, but are often slow to accommodate our needs. In the Phoenix/Mesa area we have noted many empty RV spots this winter indicating that the cost structure has reached the point of diminishing returns --- they forget that our house has wheels. In my next article I will discuss the different types of campgrounds and what they need to consider. Until then I will note that it�s a buyers market and those that don�t recognize it will be left behind. 

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