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by Ron
 Looking Back
As we get older we tend to reminisce more. Just the other day another full-timer and I were discussing our childhoods during the �hard times.� We both agreed that we probably had more fun in a game of stick ball or rolling an old tire around than today�s generation has with their video games and organized activities. It�s a sure sign of getting old when you talk about the good old days, but it�s fun. And long ago I resolved not to bore my grand-kids about the two mile walk to school in snow drifts even though I really did do that. 

Ten years on the road isn�t a long period, but it�s relatively long for full-timers and that gives me the license to look back to those early full-timing days with fond memories. I wouldn�t trade our modern equipment and plush surroundings in order to go back to those early years, but we will always cherish those memories. Barb has decided to include some of our old newsletter stories (from our first book) on the web page and that has gotten me into the reminiscing mood. 

When I wheel this big diesel down the road, I will never forget that first class C and how intimidated I was when first getting behind the wheel. We sure provided a lot of campground entertainment while learning to park it and it never seemed to be level as we shifted boards around. But we were so comfy in our little cocoon and even enjoyed the sound of rain on the roof while playing a mood tape. TV was not a part of our lives then. We were FULL-TIMERS. That was a big deal back then and everyone marveled at our adventurous spirit and even envied us. Now everyone is doing it and it�s not that unique. 

I could tell you about many special little towns and out-of-the-way places, but Barb doesn�t want this column to be another book. Besides you will read about some of them as you look at the old newsletter stories. I still enjoy them. Some day when I set in a rocking chair on the porch of a senior home I will continue to enjoy them along with thousands of memories. Best of all, we won�t have any regrets about letting life pass us by. 

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