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by Ron
Itchy Tires 
Thursday night I won�t be in the driver�s seat, but rather in an aisle coach seat on a Northwest Airline plane heading to Michigan. My presence at my son�s wedding provides an opportunity for Barb to have some dental reconstructive surgery and a private recovery. I reluctantly agreed after arrangements were made for her assistance. It�s a personal vanity thing with her and I respect her wishes that I not be around. After this difficult procedure is done we  are both looking forward to an exciting summer as we begin our travels through the northern mid-west. 

And that brings us to today�s subject of itchy tires. That happens to full-timers when they have stayed in the same place for a long time. The past winter�s activities had kept us busy and happy, but the itchy tire syndrome started when some of the snow birds started moving out in March. Many of them were just heading to northern homes where work awaited them, but many full- timers shared elaborate travel plans with us. We waved as they headed out the main gate and maneuvered their big rigs on to highway 60 for parts unknown. We wanted to be right with them. 

Now Barb has decided to include some of our old newsletter items in the web page and that large notebook of old newsletters is always laying open on the couch opposite the computer desk. We can�t resist looking at all those stories of wonderful places we have visited and our conversations begin with, "Do you remember.....?"  If that isn�t bad enough, we are getting visits from full-timers on the move. They drop anchor for a night or two, but then gently remind us that they have places to go and they are gone. Recently the Stewarts announced their arrival by playing �Hail, Hail, the Gangs All Here� on their musical horn, and the next day as they were leaving they played, "On the Road Again."  It�s no wonder we are getting a bad case of itchy tires. 

But it won�t be long. With medical problems behind us we will crank up this big diesel and head out acting like kids just let out of school. Unfortunately I don�t have a musical horn to play (yet), but there will be music in our hearts. Settle down?  Never! 

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