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by Ron
 Just Do It!
You may recognize the title of this article as the slogan of a famous shoe maker (Nike). For me the saying sometimes becomes one of exasperation. I shouldn't become impatient, but sometimes I want to respond in a forceful way to some of the letters that we receive from those contemplating going on the road full-time. As I read between the lines I detect anxiety and lot of uncertainty. Sometimes I want to scream ---"Just Do It." How many folks have delayed doing something they want to do and then find that the time never comes. It's common to hear excuses such as, "I'll wait until the youngest graduates from college." or  "The grandchildren need me." 

Some are concerned about health care on the road or an existing medical condition. Most people at some time or another deal with health problems and full-timers are no exception. Both Barb and I, as well as many full-timing friends, have faced and dealt with serious illnesses. I can tell you that we all will never have regrets over adopting this nomadic lifestyle. 

My recent nursing home visit with my mother prompted me to reflect on the possibility of what our twilight years may hold for us. Someday I may be slumped in a wheel chair and someone may be feeding me, but my mind will always hold the pictures of the waterfalls in Yosemite and the mountains of Colorado as well as a million other sights and sounds. Thankfully my mother has wonderful memories of walking the beaches of Florida and the paths of Cypress Gardens. She says with a twinkle in her eye, "I was one of those who had sand in my sandals." She meant that she had had lots of adventures and she was always ready to follow Dad (the real family adventurer). She loved her grandchildren, but was content to let them lead their own lives. 

If your life revolves around the grandchildren, you may disagree with me. But for me, I will always enjoy a walk in a deep forest or along a mountain stream compared to watching a soccer game. Like Mom, I love my grandchildren, but they can write me about that soccer game. It will help them practice their writing skills. 

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