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by Ron
More About Campgrounds
Last week I was on my soap box discussing campgrounds and this week I would like the industry to consider a few more things. In order for most businesses to be successful, the management needs to know the market that they are serving. It�s possible to serve several market areas and in our travels we see little evidence that the industry is aware of or interested in the serious RVer. They are missing a good source of revenue. The serious RVer (many are seniors) may spend from six to twelve months a year in their RV. They are not interested noisy swimming pools, playgrounds, video rooms or the souvenir store. They appreciate a good laundry and good telephones. They really don�t care if Yogi Bear comes around with his hay wagon, but they understand that the young families want these amenities and they don�t begrudge them. 

Providing the recreational items is costly and seniors seldom use them although they certainly pay for them in their campground fees. Unless a campground is only operational for the three summer months, they would do well to think about their other market. We use campgrounds almost year around, but especially in the spring and fall when families are back at work or in school. The weekend pop-up family or tenter doesn�t care where the hook-ups are, but the person setting up the campsite should know that RV connections are on the driver side of the RV and that hookups should be placed near the center of the left side of the site. It�s elementary that the hookups should be in good repair---many are not. 

The Trailer Life Campground Directory now identifies campgrounds  that have big rig sites. Unfortunately some do not know what a big rig site is. A long site is not necessarily a big rig site. We have seen long sites but the turning radius does not allow entry. That same campground may have tight turns on their road system or low hanging tree branches. No wonder many have opted for Wal-Mart parking lots when traveling. In the words of a popular movie, "if you build it we will come."

I like being on a soap box. Next week it�s the RV manufacturers turn. 

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