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by Ron
After the Dust Settled

Sometimes the view from the driver�s seat can be a little scary. That�s what I thought yesterday when I saw a mini van heading right towards me as it crossed the yellow line and continued on. In an instant I wheeled as far right as I could before the crash took its toll of fiberglass, metal, plastic and rubber. Safely on the side of the road, the scene behind me looked like a war zone with debris all over the road. Barb is reporting on other details of the accident, but I thought that I would share some of my after thoughts. It was later that afternoon and evening that many thoughts came to me and I had time to sort things out.

I was pleased that Barb and I worked so well as a team. While I was checking the other driver and securing the accident scene, she was putting out safety triangles and operating the cell phone. Within several minutes the police were there after being called on the cell phone. Shortly after she was consulting with Fleetwood as to drive ability of the motorhome and possible places to take it. She also conferred with witnesses and took names and phone numbers. In the meantime, I was helping clear debris and taking care of the accident paper work with the police.

In retrospect I am glad that I was going well below the speed limit and had total control of our vehicle. I am glad that I was responsive enough to avoid a head on collision and possibly save some kids from losing a mother. I am glad that not only did Barb and I have seat belts on, but so did the woman who hit us. I�m sure it saved her life. 

I am also thankful for the safety of our large well built motorhome where the occupants sit up high like the truckers and are relatively safe with seat belts on. I am also glad that Fleetwood had the tanks placed in the middle of the chassis where damage is unlikely. As you can see from the pictures we don�t look so pretty, but almost everything is working fine and we can function. We often complain about the RV manufacturers, but I have gained new respect for their products.

Lastly, we are very appreciative of the �Texas friendly� folks who were so quick to stop and lend a hand. They helped clear debris, came forward as witnesses and expressed their concern. One lady even gave Barb a big hug. 

To sum it up, I think we did everything right, but I wish we had started from the campground a few minutes later. 

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