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by Ron
The Trouble with Drivers
The view from the driver's seat has been a little scary lately. Some may think that I am still preoccupied  with our recent accident and they are probably right. It really doesn't matter if I am wheeling our large motorhome down the road or driving our little Toyota pick-up, we are both concerned with driving actions that we witness daily. At first I thought that it was sign of aging and perhaps I was becoming more conservative and cautious, but now I don't think so.

While observing some very basic driving violations we wondered whether driver education instructors were neglecting to cover the basics, but then remembered that state administered driving tests certainly do. It isn't an occasional violation that gets us to worrying, but continual incidents. The violations are all dangerous, but when we see a vehicle pass on a double yellow line we wonder if the driver likes to play Russian roulette. Excessive speed, tailgating, improper merging, frequent lane changing, improper turns, red light running and inattention to driving all contribute to our thinking that things are changing and not for the better. 

We as drivers of large recreational vehicles also have a rsponsibility. Not only do we have to operate our vehicles safely and within the law, we must be courteous and avoid causing frustration for other drivers. It's only common courtesy to facilitate passing when the opportunity allows on two lane roads. We are not in a hurry and we certainly don't want to create a traffic build-up behind us, thereby encouraging some unsafe actions on the part of others. We try to be alert for convenient pull-offs when we can not keep up with traffic. It is disconcerting to know that we may be traveling the speed limit, but we pull over anyway.

Driving habits have been a topic of conversation with other RVers and we have come up with some of the following observations. Maybe you have others. Pressures are so great today that people are on a tread mill and consequently are always in a hurry. It could be a soccer mom rushing home or to a game to pick up kids. It could be a dad working two jobs and desperately trying to take care of some his other duties. It could be a senior who values his/her independence and should have turned their keys in several years ago. Yes, slow drivers and slow reactions cause accidents too. Unfortunately our policing agencies don't have the resources to commit to traffic control and have to concentrate on the criminal problems in their jurisdictions. Politicians don't get off scot free either. For the sake of some votes, they have raised speed limits as a popular thing to do even though today's traffic congestion and infra structure do not warrant it.

It's a national problem. Our mission is to educate our families and not contribute to the problem. 

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