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by Ron
Turning on a Dime

My lovely editor just informed me that I am way overdue in writing this article. Now that shouldn't upset her because we both subscribe to the freedom of the full-timing lifestyle. We can change our plans or schedules anytime and I elected to goof off for a while. It's called freedom. At our seminar yesterday there was a man in attendance who had been full-timing for just a few days. When asked to share his thoughts with the group he said that he was experiencing an unbelievable sense of freedom. We could relate to that remembering when we left Lansing, Michigan, eleven years ago in cold drizzeling rain. I couldn't get the smile off my face and we were like kids being let out for summer vacation. The thought of no schedules and the freedom to go anywhere we wanted was simple overwhelming.

Life brings surprises and events that interfere with our freewheeling. We have shared these events with you as we encountered illnesses and most recently an accident. But we are thankful that our lifestyle allows us to adjust as needed and for the most part we are still in control (out of control might be a better description). Yes, we still can and do change plans often. I like to say that we can turn on a dime. Last summer we were in the Dakota's heading toward Nebraska and eastern Colorado before turning southward. It was hot and Barb said, "I'm tired of this heat; let's head for the mountains." It took less than five minutes to look at the map and head for the mountains in Wyoming where we had a wonderful time.

I thought that our plans were set here in Florida, but we both decided on the spur of the moment that we need a quick change after spending a month at Lazy Days giving seminars. We scrapped our plans for staying here a while after the seminars, moved up our reservations for Disney World and now will spend a week in Venice, Florida (we have never been there). That's just a minor change, but we are both committed to make some major changes in the future. It sure keeps life interesting. 

We can talk freely about changing directions in our life and where we will be because our house has wheels. What a sense of freedom. 

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