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by Ron
Practicing What We Preach

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the impact that Barb and I have in our seminars and writings. People look to us as authorities and an inspiration on how this full-timing life is to be lived. They envy us. We enjoyed meeting so many of you at Lazy Days during the month of January and loved it when we had a chance to visit at lunch or over a cup of coffee. But now I have to share some secrets with you. 

Before I do that let's go back to the seminars that many of you attended. There were some times when I would look at Barb and struggle to keep from laughing. In her enthusiasm she would talk about traveling through small towns and attending church suppers and band concerts and it has now become a private joke between us. Yes, we used to do that and have fond memories of attending several band concerts, an Easter pageant, a small town Mardi Gras parade, and many local celebrations as well as festivals. We remember going to many church suppers in northern Michigan and a fireman's barbecue in Fredericksburg, Texas. In fact we have attended a lot of church suppers and ice cream socials. We have even enjoyed holiday home tours and joined others for coffee and cookies afterwards.

So why was I smirking at Barb when she was speaking about this? To be truthful we haven't been doing it lately and have been on a very fast treadmill. I get nostalgic when she talks about the red roads because my recent memories relate more to the rough riding I-10 across Louisiana and Florida. Forgive me when I smile as she talks about parking on main street and going into a small café for lunch. Give me a break. 

So now that I have confided to you, let me say that the accident in Texas and the pressures of seminars has compressed our schedules and caused changes that we do not like. Yes, we used to do those things that we talk about, but we haven't lately. We both vow to change that and will start this Sunday when we steer this big motorhome across highway 84 in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We will be back to the 200 miles a day (or less) and will try to take control of our full-timing lives again. Hopefully we may run into you in a coffee shop along the way and that you will never see us on I-10 again. We will practice what we preach. 

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