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by Ron
Rolling With the Times

The view from this driver's seat now includes some disturbing signs. It's hard not to notice the unusually high prices posted at the fuel pumps as we move around the country. RVer's are resourceful folks and they will deal with this. There is plenty of blame to go around  and one could make a case for blaming any one of the following energy players: OPEC; the oil companies; the government (environmental agencies); and our own insatiable demand for oil. Actually the guilty parties could be all of the above.

Of course, everyone should be concerned with unwise policies and/or illegal activities and insist on accountability. But we have decided that it is wasted energy to overreact. We simply refuse to let the oil players control our lifestyle. Obviously some adjustments are in order and many of you have probably joined us in implementing them.

We are thankful that our RV has a large fuel tank (150 gallons) allowing a long mileage range; we can shop for the lowest price. I mention this because fuel capacity now becomes important when purchasing an RV.

Several years ago in a seminar I casually said that if the price of fuel doubles, we could still live within our current fuel budget by cutting our travel in half. I didn't know at the time how prophetic this would be. Instead of our usual plan of traveling 200 miles and staying a week, we can stay two weeks or only travel 100 miles. That is exactly what we have been doing. Our last move was 36 miles from Sequim, Washington, to Port Townsend, Washington. The scenery is different and tomorrow we will be foot passengers on the ferry going to Seattle where we will spend the day. We are not burning diesel fuel.

It's always a good idea to keep vehicles in good operating condition and that also affects mileage. For those dry campers that depend a lot on a generator, it might be cost effective to invest in a good solar system. Whatever the RVer's approach is to energy conservation, it will be financially rewarding and something we should have been doing anyway. 

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