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by Ron
Familiarity Does Not Breed Comtempt

It had been an easy drive from Buffalo, Wyoming, and now I was guiding our large motorhome to a campground in Wheatridge, Colorado (Denver area). It was then that I realized  I wouldn't need any maps or directions from my co-pilot. I knew this area and knew exactly where our exits would be in this congested urban area where freeways weave in and out. Once settled in the campground, we knew where the grocery store was and remembered the large fruit market across the street from the campground. We even knew where the post office was and where we would go to church the following Sunday. In fact we are both very familiar with Denver and can find our way around it easily.

This would not be note worthy, but for the fact that it is the same way in other areas of the country whether rural or highly urban. It's not that we go to the same places all the time---our hotlined map will dispute that. But after eleven and a half years on the road, we find that almost all areas are familiar to us. We still delight in discovering new small towns and sights, but wherever we are we are not far from a familiar location. In other words, we are at home in all areas of our beautiful country. We might not know where every post office is in every town, but chances are that we will have an idea. 

This is an important concept for beginning full-timers or those contemplating full-timing. After a few years of full-timing, you will feel like you are always home and that feeling of being along by yourself in a strange area will disappear. We sure weren't strangers in church this morning when we were surrounded and warmly greeted by those we had met five years ago. They all remembered us. 

Some things hadn't changed in the five years since we last visited Denver, namely the struggling Colorado Rocky baseball team, traffic, roadway construction and our friendly church. Unfortunately our favorite TCBY Yogurt shop had gone out of business. But the Rocky Ford melons are still great. Most full-timers know that the great USA is their neighborhood and that they will never feel like strangers.

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