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by Ron
Boo Boo's
We now have four little boo boo's on our motorhome. Our friend Carol Stewart first used that phrase when I told her about a little dent incurred in a Michigan State Park. I failed to see a small post on the opposite side of the street as I was maneuvering into a tight campsite. Carol and her husband Dick have a forty foot motorhome and can relate to "boo boo's" as Carol calls them.

Boo boo's do not just happen to large motorhome owners. We can recall many incidences involving friends with small motorhomes and fifth wheels. Our friends and fellow volunteers at the LBJ Ranch failed to realize that their fifth wheel would not clear a large tree branch and lived with a lot of duck tape until they could get into a repair facility. We saw another fifth wheel with the same problem at the Summit Coast to Coast Park in Texas. They didn't look very happy. 

Our thirty-four foot Bounder had it's share of boo boo's. It was in another Michigan State Park when I failed to follow Barb's backing directions and caught a tree branch that not only pulled out the drivers side window awning, but took a big chunk of fiberglas with it. I still hear about that. But she also had a bad day and backed me into an overhang that dented the rear ladder. At that time the Bounder had already been traded in on the Dream and the dealer didn't notice or didn't care about the dent in the ladder. 

Even our first motorhome had a boo boo. Don't you just love those gas stations that put in three foot steel pipes imbedded in concrete? You guessed it. I backed into one of those. 

You wouldn't notice the boo boo's on the dream except for the back window awning that is missing (another tree in another Michigan state park) and that will be repaired here at the American Coach Rally. No, I don't think that we are bad drivers, but we are often in tight places and these big rigs (and small ones) do present challenges at times.

So my friends, if you have some boo boo's on your RV do not chastise yourself or blame your partner. You have just joined a very large club. 

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