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by Ron
We're Still Learning

Many of you have attended one of our seminars on full-timing. If so, you know that we try to find out something about the audience and one of the questions I always ask is, "How many full-timers do we have in the audience?" It is surprising how many are in attendance and at an Escapee Rally the number could approach 50%. At our first Escapee seminar presentation (April 1997) I was really nervous because I knew there would be a lot of experienced RVers in attendance. It would be like preaching to the choir. It turned out to be one of our best seminars. Not because we were so good, but these wonderful people were really into the spirit of the subject and were eager to learn and to share. My standard question revealed that several had been full-timing for over ten years, but they assured us that they were still learning.  So they taught me something that day. Namely, that full-timers are always learning. How true that is.

There are many facets of full-timing and we can't be experts in all of them. Some say that I am weak in the area of mechanical things and Barb contributes to that myth. As you know we like to talk about the social aspects of dealing with family, but we have changed direction (literally and figuratively) on that subject. We are learning to get more family input long before visitation plans are finalized. I like to talk about finances, but in reality we have made some big mistakes in that area too. 

We also learn about little things. Do you remember that newspaper column called "Heloise Hints"? There's a lot of that going on among RVers and folks are glad to share. There are so many labor saving hints that deal with ways of improving  things inside and outside our RV home. While struggling to secure and tighten the clamps on our awning the other day, a friend suggested that I place a piece of  that textured rubbery material under the clamps. He said it will never slip and he was right. It didn't matter that I had been putting out awnings for over eleven years.  A lot of the RV magazines have these hint columns and it illustrates that we never stop learning.

Let's just suppose that we know everything about RVs. In that unlikely scenario, we surely don't know where all the good campgrounds are or all the best places to visit. I don't know about a lot of things, but if I have some good information, I will share it. And I wouldn't mind hearing about a good restaurant where they serve outstanding seafood.

To paraphrase the Energizer Bunny, we "just keep learning, and learning and learning."

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