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by Ron
Best Friends

Barb and I have written hundreds of articles and held many seminars, but we have never discussed this topic. The subject came up one morning at the breakfast table and involved the concept of  having a very close special friend. One that may be even closer than a sister or brother relationship. It's true that we have many friends in our full-timing lifestyle and many of them are very close to us. We keep in regular contact with them and are delighted that several are even here in our winter park where we can see them every day. We treasure our friends.

When I mentioned this to Barb she said, "That's not what I am talking about. I mean a soul mate type friend that I can confide in and one who feels the same things that I do. That friend would be there every day, and we would talk every day. We would understand each other and support each other. It would be a very close relationship." That puzzled me because she does have several very special friends. Then I remembered a friend that she had back in Lansing and knew what she was talking about. I had to agree that our lifestyle does inhibit that kind of a relationship and she has lost most of her contact with her former friend. The longest we are ever in one place is five or six months and daily contact with a special friend would be impossible. 

As our conversation came to a close, I was really feeling bad and thinking that this was a major downside to our lifestyle. It was then that she brightened my day by saying, "You are my best friend and that's all I need." And that verifies what we had been saying in our seminars. Full-timing couples need to be best friends because they will really need to depend on each other more for emotional support. That's not all bad because it does bring a couple closer together and enriches a marriage. 

My next article will also be on a subject that full-timers never talk about. Stay tuned. 

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