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by Ron
Staying Out of Ruts

Whether driving a car or an RV we all agree that it's best to stay out of ruts that can cause problems in controling the vehicle. My copilot is good about keeping me out of ruts both in our vehicles and on the road of life. 

It's so easy to get in a rut as we progress down the road of life and it may be the most comfortable thing to do. We have both agreed that we want to be on that road that keeps us interested in all aspects of life and adds excitement as well as some challenges in our life. It's true that those who experiment or take a new road once in awhile may experience some stress. It's a temptation to avoid stress and by so doing forgo some great experiences. 

We have been guilty ourselves of sometimes getting into a rut. I can't deny that it's comfortable to be here at Valle del Oro for five or six months in the winter where we get involved in weekly card games and the various activities. But now it's time to change the routine and do something else in the winter. Next year you may find me walking the beach in Florida or Alabama or maybe visiting in Savannah, Georgia. I really don't know. Isn't it exciting?  I'm getting tired of the same view and activities. 

While here at our winter resort we see many folks who are in their comfortable rut---especially those who have park models. They think that this park is the friendliest park in the country and would never dream of being anywhere else. Truthfully, many have never been anywhere else. If they had they would know that all snowbird parks are friendly and many of them friendlier than this one. Their whole world is in the confines of this park. These same people have to leave early so they can get back to do their income tax with their favorite accountant. Can you imagine that? I guess they have never heard of overnight mail or email.  They are missing the most beautiful time in the desert when all the cactus are in bloom. They are in a rut. 

Although some of us full-timers get in a rut once in awhile, we soon recognize it and pull out in time to keep our life exciting and ourselves interesting to others. 

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