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by Ron
Those Little Tin Houses

This article may be controversial, but Barb says that you cannot deny feelings, so I will share some of mine with you. In the future, when I look for a temporary winter nesting place, I will note the number of park models in the park and if they dominate the park I may opt for another park. Park models are small portable metal structures that are moved into the park after which the temporary set of wheels are removed. They are placed in conjunction with a concrete slab and often have an extra room or shed attached.  Although many parks are advertised as RV Parks, they only need a minimum number of RV sites to quality as an RV park. 

So what is wrong with those little tin houses?  Actually nothing for those who live in them. However if there are only a couple of RVs on the street full of park models, it's easy to feel like a transient and an outsider. Unlike RVers the residents are permanent winter nesters and have established their own relationships, especially on their own street. Socializing is often limited to others who own park models and when we walk down the streets at night we see little groups playing cards or just visiting. It's only natural that these folks hang together and neighborhoods are formed. I mentioned park models in my last article and I hope that you don't think that I am picking on them. They are a perfect solution for a lot of folks and consequently they are very happy with their choice.

There are a lot of successful parks that have a mixture of RVs and park models. Our current park, for example, has  tremendous programs and wonderful amenities. We sure can't knock that. In spite of this great winter haven, we would be more comfortable where RV's are not the exception. It's a different atmosphere when a park is truly an RV park. The lawn chairs come out and friendships are formed easily. Impromptu gatherings are formed on patios especially at happy hour time. It's easy to start a conversation because we have many common interests. Someone may suggest going to dinner or we will get a little potluck going. We may adjourn to the club house for a game of domino's or cards. We also help each other when a problem occurs with the RV. Although we haven't lived next to each other for a long time, we have a special kind of camaraderie and feel comfortable with other RVers.

Whatever surroundings we choose all of us seniors are blessed with a choice of many outstanding facilities. And we don't have to worry about snow or icy roads. 

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