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by Ron
Beware of Magnets

Our drivers seat is empty right now and will remain so for several more weeks. For the last month we have been watching RV's head north out of the park and next week most everyone will be gone. Most of these folks are drawn like a magnet to a home base in the north country. It could be a house, mobile home or a permanent lot in a northern park. But one thing is for sure it will be the same place that they were last summer. Magnets do draw the compass needle north and likewise these folks are drawn to familiar summer surroundings. Usually they have an investment in these places and have the feeling of ownership and possible roots. 

April and May are beautiful months in southwestern Arizona with the cactus in bloom and the days sunny without the intense heat of the summer. In comparison many of the northern states are still feeling the ravages of a late spring with surprise snow storms, floods and tornadoes. Our friends from Minnesota report that couldn't get into their long drive way and had to shovel their way into the back door of their summer home. So why head back so early? It's that magnet again with its strong pull.

It's a natural tendency to want to own something and have a place to call "home."  At one time we thought that our fifteen wooded acres in northern Michigan would be a great summer nesting place until we realized that we could never visit the other beautiful cold weather states if we went back to Michigan every summer. We would have made an investment for land improvements such as a shed, water, electricity, septic tank and pad. Before long we would have added a small cabin for guests and possible more. We would feel compelled to return every summer. Some will say, "What is wrong with that?"  Nothing is wrong with that if one wants to settle down and make a change in their lifestyle.

Our philosophy still remains that we want to continue traveling and see all of this great country. As long as the RV is home (our only home) we won't have to head north unless we want to see a new part of the country and you can bet it will be warm when we do. You see we are always at home.

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