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by Ron
Weather and Full-timers

Mark Twain said that, "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." This month I will join those who simply talk about it even though as full-timers we can often do something about it if we have enough advance information. 

Right now the wind is gusting at 30 to 40 miles per hour and rattling our window awnings. We are parked at Three Island Crossing State Park in southern Idaho and will be here for the next six weeks. No one told us that this is a windy area and we are reminded of South Padre Island in southern Texas. All of this information goes into our mental computer and will definitely guide future traveling decisions. We are now committed here as volunteers and we will adjust. 

It's surprising how much weather experience we do gain with our years on the road. We learned about elevations and cold weather the second year out. At four thousand feet in northern California you will likely find snow in April. We learned the hard way. In the spring time in Arkansas and Oklahoma we have encountered tornadoes and we couldn't outrun those. We were lucky since the tornadoes only touched down two miles away. No way would I be in Florida during hurricane season although I can outrun those.

During our early years of full-timing we would return to Michigan in May (Barb wanted to see the lilacs). The heck with the lilacs unless you really do like rain and cold weather. In Arizona many snowbirds for some reason return north in March and April. They haven't experienced the desert cactus in full bloom and maybe don't know that the April and May nights are cool and pleasant for sleeping.

The fall color season in New England is beautiful, but don't linger too long or you will wake up with a frozen water hose. This has happened to us in other areas (the last being Fort Davis, Texas).

Even with  experience and mobility we still get caught and that's part of the adventure (?). Full-timers always keep an eye on the weather and when in tornado alley (we shouldn't be there) it's best to have that handy little gadget called a Radioweather Alert available (get yours at any Radio Shack store). It will give you time to make peace with your maker.

I wish that wind would stop blowing. 

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