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by Ron
The Scenery Can Change Fast

In a few days we will celebrate the birth of this great nation and after twelve years of traveling it, we continue to be amazed at its beauty. We are amazed because each and every state is so unique in its own way. Foreign visitors coming from small countries marvel at the vastness of our country. While volunteering at some of our national parks we had a chance to get their impressions. We met some at Yosemite and learned that many were eventually on their way to Death Valley, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Yellowstone before heading back to San Francisco for their flight home. They will have wonderful memories of their trip because every location visited was so different.

Had those foreign visitors elected to visit just one state, they would still have had a great vacation because each state varies so much in terrain, scenery, culture and geology. Our current stay in Idaho has reminded us of these differences. Northern Idaho is so beautiful with its mountains, rivers, lakes and trees. Southern Idaho is uniquely different with barren desert, punctuated by canyons and rivers. We can't help but imagine what the pioneers on the Oregon Trail thought as traveled through here near the Snake River. Craters of the Moon National Park (Eastern Idaho) is well named because historic volcanic action has made this a black, barren, rocky desolate area. 

On a recent day off from volunteering (Three Island State Park)  we found that by traveling straight north from this desert for a couple of hours we could be at 8,000 feet in the ski country. As we traveled west from Sun Valley we realized that eventually we were only fifty miles from Boise but that we were still in the mountains. It wouldn't take long for those city dwellers to be in God's country.

Idaho is just one of many states that offers spectacular changes of scenery. We think that most of our states fit this category. What a wonderful country we have been blessed with. I guess that's why our wheels still keep turning.

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