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by Ron
A Few of my favorite things 
Thinking back to our campground hosting days, I remember how easy it was to become too negative. We had a lot of good and thoughtful campers, but those breaking campground rules seemed to get all of our attention. Negative conditions often get more attention when discussing RV�s and I mentioned some shortcomings in a previous article. On the other hand, we should recognize that there have been many good improvements in the industry. 

There are many features that I like in our RV and it�s only fair to mention them in order to put the total product in perspective. Some of the conveniences are extras and will add to the cost, but at least the RV industry has made them available. Options allow us to select according to our personal needs and pocketbook while adjusting for priority items. 

Almost all RVers like the idea of heated basements in motorhomes and 5th wheels. Some of us can remember when holding tanks and water connections would freeze because they were exposed to the elements. It�s a great improvement that we take for granted even though it took a lot of engineering. 

It wasn�t so long ago that we had to manually light pilot lights and like other RVers we appreciate the automatic electric ignition. 

I liked it when the manufacturer put an auxiliary start button on the dash. If the chassis batteries are low, simply switch to the house batteries. 

Who would have ever thought that there would be convection ovens in RVs?  What a wonderful addition. Although many were unhappy at the thought of having to learn to cook all over again, once learned most wouldn�t trade them for a conventional oven. 

With a flip of the switch some owners can now flush their holding tanks with internal built-in jets. 

Slide out battery and storage trays are now quite common as well as slide out generators. In 1997 they came out with a quiet(er) generator. 

The list of amenities and improvements is long. It would include, ice makers, concealed air ducts, built in CD players, rear speakers, all kinds of slide outs, inverters, thermopane windows, back-up cameras and a host of other things. We could all add our favorites to the list. We welcome the innovations and like little kids, we still want more. 

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