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by Ron
A Healthy Lifestyle

The full-timing lifestyle can be a very healthy one and it may be necessary for me to brag a little in order to make my point. Those of you who have followed our writings know that Barb and I have had some health problems, but without our active full-timing existence they would be much worse. Instead of sitting in a rocking chair, cooped up in a house somewhere, we are out every day exercising our minds and our bodies. 

Can you imagine a lady (Barb) with respitory problems walking down and up 300 steps at 8,000 feet altitude after hiking down a sharp incline to reach the steps. On the return trip not only did the steps go up but the sharp incline went up as well. Well, Barb wanted to show her grandchildren the falls in Yellowstone from the lowest viewing point and of course I tagged along. Sure we stopped a lot on the way back up, but we were pumping a lot of blood through our hearts and they are healthy. This is the same guy who had a heart attack in 1986. Just a week before (in Glacier Park) we hiked three miles round trip (half uphill) to Hidden Lake. The trail leads off of Logan Pass (9,642 feet elevation) in Glacier and it was very cold and windy. But the grandchildren saw mountain goats and long horn sheep not to mention the lake. We not only made it back, but on the way back to camp we stopped to take another long hike to see some water falls along a rushing river. 

Before picking up the grandchildren in Spokane, we biked 15 miles and it happened to be on my 69th birthday. We were in Moscow, Idaho and the biking made up for the celebration dinner that evening. I slept like a baby. So what's the point. Well we can't do much about our genes and we will all have health problems that we can't avoid, but an active lifestyle keeps us young in a way. We also keep learning and that's part of staying young. When reading and learning about new things we forget about these old bodies that we occupy. In our last volunteer assignment we learned a lot about those pioneer folks who traveled the Oregon Trail. They were my kind of people. 

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